Thursday, July 19, 2012


From:Andrew Nelson
Sent:Thu 7/19/12 10:15 AM
Hey everyone!! I got all your letters and it really is true about how awesome mail is! Yesterday I got 5 letters and a package and none of my companions got anything so they were way mad and I was just beaming!! The MTC is awesome!! I have been learning so much its crazy! my teachers are the! They are Brother Jacobson and Sister McGill. They bring it every class period and are so smart! Sis. mcgill is a scripture master and knows them like the back of her ahand along with preach my gospel! Its been a huge privelidge to learn from them! and I really think I might be in love with sis mcgill! me and Elder walker everyday after class look at each other and say I think Im in love!! She is so awesome!! My companion by the way is elder anderson. he is really cool and quiet and we teach really good together and get along well. The other two elders in our room elder brown and elder walker are also awesome and they are seriously aweosme. Elder walker and I are long lost best friends and are constantly busting up because we have the same sense of humor ! Its really fun! Elder brown is really sool too. he is from north carolina and played football at arizona state university. cool eh? He didnt plan on coming on a mission until like two months ago. but here he is one of those guys that you love like crazy but that get seriously annoying at times. Its crazy how perfect these guys were for me here at the MTC I feel like each one of them was meant in some way to be my companion here because they all help me grow and get better every day. My comp elder anderson compliments me very well and off sets my personality very well. We bring it when we teach and get along well. Elder walker is my best friend! he is what will get me through the MTC. We are always laughing and joking aroung and making fun of people!! Our zone leadres are from england and we are always making fun of them and their accents and trying to talk like them haha its funny. We play them at soccer as well and they all theink they are so legit cause they are from england but really they suck.. except for elder barber. he actually is legit. anyways If it wasnt for him i would be a depressed wreck probably! Elder brown is helping me learn how to love and get along with people. He realy is awesome and he wants to learn so much and is always volunteering in class and so in order to get a word in edgewise i have to beat him to it! but he can really get on my erves sometimes as well. he was made our district leader and hence gets a little power hungry so I have to try and love him through that. HE is so cool though and I learn a lot from him!! So the MTC experience is going well!! I was a little worried at the beginning. but its great. Well mom I am pretty sure i have gained so much weight. Its so hard to not eat like crazy here! you have no idea! there is dessert at every meal and you can go back as much as you want. Usually when I eat to much and feel like crap I get mad at elder anderson and say Why did you let me do that to myself elder!?! Really though I told him its his job to not let me eat more than one plate! So yeah. When we moved into our room there were two elders already in it. Elder cunnold and elder fabian. Elder cunnold is from new zealand and he is like a suave cool guy that played proffessional rugby haha so he was telling us about all the american sisters here and how as soonas he opens his mouth and says something the girls swarm over him because of his accent haha. There are some crazy sisters he told us about!! One of the craziest gave him family pics of her and is writing him letters that say they are going to get married and before he left to go to the phillipeans she got a photo with him and he showed us on his camera that when you zoom in close on their hands she was trying to hold his hand!! hah crazy right!! So me and my companions we decided that all these sisters here are in two categories. cause we see some and we are like why is she not married?? This is our conclusion.. they eaither really love the gospel and the lord, which is cool, or they must be crazy. haha it might be rude n=but we thought it was funny and if you talked to some of the sisters would undeersrtand!! Im glad liesel and jen just loved the lord so much ;) Crap I only have four minutes left... sorry about the organization and spelling errors. im trying to type as much as possible! Well on a spiritual note the MTC is so humbling. I feel like i know next to nothing but it also makes you realize how much i really do know and i really am learning so much. the first day here we had to teach and we just havent looked back! i am teaching everyday basically. It is a lot harder to teach than you would think! Every day though i am getting better and learning a ton. just yesterday me and elder anderson had a way spiritual lessin and we both testified and taught with great power!! it was great to feel that and be successful instead of feeling frustrated!! I wish i could write more but i have thirty seconds haha I love you all and loved your letters!! Ill probabkly write a hand written with some stuff i

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