Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th, 2013

What a great opportunity we had to meet an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ! They were powerful spirits and just sitting in the chapel with them brought the spirit right in!! I only wish that we would have had more time with them! I could have listened to them speak for days. In the MTC I heard a talk on the great apostasy by Elder Callister and ever since then I have been in love with his talks! I am excited for general conference to hear him speak again!

One cool thing that I have to tell you about is something that Elder Cook said in the course of a Question and answer session. A sister asked the question about Godhead and he went on to explain the answer but he got off onto the Nicene Creed. He had Elder Callister say a few words on that. Some of the things he said were that the creed is total garbage and that we know from Joseph Smith that Jesus Christ is a separate being. Now pause!! So At this moment, Elder callister was speaking and Elder Cook was just listening and kinda staring off to the side of the chapel. After Elder Callister said the Joseph Smith line there was a pause and Elder Cook was just shaking his head...a few moments went by... and then quietly, Elder Cook said, "Yes, that is true...and I can Personally testify to you that Jesus Christ is a separate being..." BOOM. You bet he just flat out said that he has seen Jesus Christ! The confirmation of that fact was the looks on all of our faces when he said that and the very heavy Spirit that settled in the chapel immediately after... One of the coolest moments of my life. The Church is TRUE!

So yes I did shake Elder Cooks hand and also Elder Callisters. It was pretty quick though so I didn't get to ask him if he remembered me from when he came out to Grantsville.. HA!

Speaking of Grantsville, did you know that Wyatt Blackhurst is in my mission? I forgot to tell you that I saw and talked to him at the beginning of this transfer! I saw him again at the all mission conference. Pretty cool! maybe we will serve together! Hometown heroes!

We have been taught very well these past few weeks. There is so much to implement and to work on! It has been hard to pick and choose what to emphasize. I am very thankful to have so much time left unlike my former trainer Elder Stainback!! It is so sad to see him go. He is a great missionary and I have grown to love and appreciate him more than he will ever know! Those were the best two transfers of my mission so far, and they have all been great! But if I had to choose a companion and an area it would be Santa Rosa with Elder Stainback! I will really miss him and I look forward to seeing him again after the mission! He is coming to Utah for school so, depending on how things go, maybe I will be able to room with him!!

Elder Kunz and I are doing well. I have really learned the virtue of patience this transfer. I have let my frustration come out a little bit more frequently lately but from where I was even just a few transfers ago with Elder Welch, I have matured in that aspect quite a bit. Being companions with Elder Kunz has been a great opportunity and blessing. Although he has tried my patience in many ways he has also helped me become a better teacher and I have learned quite a bit about the gospel from him. He is very smart when it comes to doctrine. This week I have set the goal to just Love the heck out of him. With transfers coming up anything could happen and if either of us get transferred I don't want him to have any doubt that I didn't love him or love serving with him, nor do I want any regrets! He will most likely be leaving. He has been here for three transfers now!

One of the biggest challenges we have had this transfer is working together as Co-district leaders to plan district meeting. I am not anything like him when it comes to preparing for district meeting. Nothing he wants to do is what I want to do and so our preparation for district meeting has been not as good as I would like or have previously done. But that is something that has been good for me as well. I am more of a lone wolf when it comes to things like teaching and talking and I need to learn to work with people, not just now but for my future.

Hey Mom, You gonna get me those emails or what? Love ya!! Happy Easter!!


Welp, I need to write my atonement thing so I have to end this!! Love you all!

Elder Nelson


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