Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Well I didn't get any letters this week so I'm thinking I might get
 them today if you sent them. I'm looking forward to getting the
 packages!! You don't need to worry about them not getting to me
 because I'm staying in Vacaville with elder wride!!!!! After this
 transfer I'll have spent 6 months in this place! Haha oh man I really
 wish you could have witnessed our reaction to transfer information
 when we opened it up!! We were screaming and laughing for like 5
 minutes. It was awesome!! So I'm really really excited about that!! We
 both are! I love this place and I love my companion! It has been and
 will be so great! We have been working so hard to get this town
 going!! It feels like everyday all we do is eat sleep and talk to
 people. We only have a few solid people we are teaching. Everyone else
 has flaked out. So we are just really in need of finding prepared
 people! It's a whole different area than I have experienced before.
 There are tons and tons of churches here so almost everyone goes to a
 church or is atheist. One day while tracting we talked to a very
 faithful passionate Lutheran who wasn't interested in talking to us,
 and then right next door to him we talked to a hard core atheist that
 was a jerk. Speaki of jerks, we have had it rough the past week. We
 think satan is working on us or our faith is being tested cause right
 before general conference we were talking about how everyone is so
 nice here and we haven't had too much run ins with mean people. But
 right after general conference it feels like every day we have run
 into people that attack us. One day the pastor for church of Christ
 pulled over to the side of the road and was telling us anti and that
 we were wrong and stuff. We have run onto several atheists who have
 told us stuff that makes us look stupid for believing haha and then
 there are just lots of mean people that we have run into. So it's been
 a rougher week for us but hopefully that means blessings are coming!
 Not that we haven't been blessed. We have found quite a few sweet
 potentials and part member families! And also on supa day we found a
 sweet family that had an uncle in like Oklahoma that is a member and
 he has just been starting to learn about the church out there. But I
 guess he has been emailing this family saying he is going to send them
 stuff and that they should check it out! So when we knocked on our
 door and she told us that we were like well, now you can tell him he
 doesn't need to send you anything we can give it to you right now! We
 are going back next week to teach her! So that was awesome. We are
 having a baptism on April 26th for Sierra Jensen! An awesome 11 year
 old who is much smarter than I am! We are excited about that!
 I don't have to much else to say! I'm thankful for all of you.
 I love you so much! Talk to you soon!
 Love elder Nelson

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