Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th 2012

Dear my beloved family,
What is up!! Sorry I didnt write you guys last week!! Things were too crazy and I had a lot to do! In case you didnt figure it out I have been transferred to woodland First ward in woodland California! I will be follow up training and will be a District leader! It was a tough few days saying goodbye to everyone because I have really fallen in love with the people in this area and ward. But it was definently for the best and I know for a fact that it was inspired of the lord! It was without a doubt the right time for me to leave.
My new Companion is Elder Welch who I am follow-up training. He is from Oklahoma and has a nice southern accent.
So woodland is nice. There are some great elders here and the ward is pretty sweet! Elder Lenon who who was my Zone Leader for the first two transfers is my ZL again! So I am excited about that! Our ward mission leader here is the man! His name is james haymore and he was big on baseball before his mission in Pittsburgh. He just got back like not even a year ago and just got married so it will be really fun to work with him.
The best part of the week was on Saturday DEC. 8th...because I was able to drive back to Santa Rosa to Perform a Baptism!!!! Yes! Martin Martinez was baptized on that day and I had the honor of doing it! It was a perfect way to end and begin a new transfer. Martin is the man and the funny thing is that out of all the people that I was teaching.. he was at the bottom of the list and I would not have guessed that he would be the one to have made it! The baptism was so sweet too. His wife, Joan, who we have also been teaching was just bawling the whole time and her son Chris(recently baptized also) said the opening prayer and mentioned how he hoped that they could eventually be an eternal was so cool. This work is a work of miracles brought about by small and simple things!!
Tell Jace Krogh that I said congrats on getting married! She is a cute girl!!
Alright so Just so you know I have a facebook! And it is open to everyone so you can get on and see pictures and follow me and see the people i am working with and missionaries BUT Dont comment or post or friend request me. Please and thank you! And that goes for everyone back home that reads this!
Well other than that I dont have much else...I got one of stews emails mom.
Last but not least...we get to Skype for Christmas!! so I will see you soon! I love you all have a great week!
Andrew's new address is 260 West Court St.
                                        Woodland, CA 95695

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