Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th, 2012

Dear familia!
This has been a fantastic week! We were able to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, Elder Felix and Weisenburger! I have really been looking forward to these exchanges so that I could have the opportunity to learn from one of them. They are both very great elders.
It ended up working out that I went with Elder Weisenburger into his area and Elder Felix went with Elder Borland into our area. It was a great exchange! I asked elder Weisenburger a lot of questions about the work and about the area book and other things that I am working on doing better at. He especially helped me with my planning and I learned some things that will help me to be a better planner.
The work here in Shiloh park is about to catch fire I hope! Our new ward mission leader has big plans and we are starting to put them into effect. During Elders quorum he rebuked the quorum a little for how little they have been helping and then we had a great discussion about what needs to be done to make it better! After the lesson it was cool to see the excitement in peoples faces about the plans and ideas that we have worked to come up with with our ward mission leader.
Elder Borland and I are continuing to get along well! We had a good comp. inventory this week and we set some goals to finish this week strong and to have a great start to the next transfer! This week in 12-week we went over planning and watched all the videos about it and it really enlightened me on how things should be going in weekly planning and in nightly planning! So we set some goals to make it better and more effective!
I love being a missionary and I am so thankful for the things that I am learning everyday about myself and about how to be a better missionary so that I can more effectively invite people to come unto Christ and help prepare them to be baptized!
I called sister Alba this week on Friday about my Facebook account and getting it started but she didn't answer or call me back so I am hoping to get that started this week. I got the packet awhile ago but I wanted to spend more time teaching and finding with Elder Borland so I held off on activating it but I feel good about starting it up now.

Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers during this time. I feel them everyday as I go about doing this great work! Thanksgiving was pretty sweet! I LOVED your yams mom. IT made the whole thanksgiving. Seriously. What is funny about that is that I actually requested Pecan pie and elder borland requested yams... so When SIS. snyder called and asked you about the recipe she asked the wrong things! Elder borland loves yams. that is basically all he ate! But he loved your recipe and so did the whole snyder family!! The pecan pie was store bought so it was know..nothing special. SOOO Im writing quickly because I have to get to the church because it is elder Hansons last p day...he leaves in a week. He is one of the current APs and was an AP when I came in and we have gotten pretty close! I have relied a lot on him for answers to questions and his example has impacted me heavily. He truly sincerely loves everyone he talks to. I will miss him alot!

mom can you send me that red nike bag? I will need it to pack all my stuff that i have if i get transferred this next week..which is very likely so send that quick! I will be getting a facebook profile soon for my missionary work so i will let you know about that and about the rules and things later.
My letters stink i know but i always feel so rushed! I love you all have a great week.!!  I love you adios!


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