Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12th, 2012



The week has just flown by! It makes me realize just how precious our time is here on our missions because once it is over it is over and if we didn't make the most of our time, well, you have to live with it. it is humbling.
It has been a great week. we have made some good progress with many of our investigators and have spent a lot of time with them as they prepare for baptism. I am really hoping and praying to be able to have a baptism this transfer so that Elder Borland can experience what it is like. It is a totally different experience when you are in the font and see the fruits of your own labors.
I was very excited to be able to go to the Vazquez family baptism this week! I knew it would be extra special because it isn't often at least in my short experience, that you get to baptize a whole family on the same day! That was a very sweet experience. I have started to express in my prayers a desire to find and have asked for direction to be led to families to be able to teach. As we fulfill our purpose and contact 10 people each day I know that we will be led to those people that are ready and those families that are ready!
Elder Borland and I are doing great. We are starting to mesh together better and he is actively participating more in the lessons. He has a great love for the people we are teaching and wants to do whatever he can to help them out. He also has a very strong desire to be obedient! which is great! He helps me so much and keeps me on the straight and narrow path! We are very different, Borland and I but we have found a common purpose here among the people on the front lines sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is such a cool experience to put our old interests and desires aside and to unite together in pursuit of a much higher purpose and calling. I love being a missionary.
Our investigators are still progressing. It is very frustrating to see them be so close and to yet be so far!
Rachel Lopez is at this moment the closest one to being baptized. The only thing that is holding her back is still her smoking. I wish that we could do more for her but we have done all that we can. She knows and understands the doctrine of the word of wisdom, she knows and understands the health risk.We have given her multiple blessing and have fasted for her but she is still smoking. She will eventually make it and I know it is only a matter of time so we continue to go over to her home and read with her and study with her and teach her, but most importantly we will continue to love her and serve her.
Selia continues to progress but in recent days her husband Charlie has become very active in lessons and visits and has been to church two weeks in a row along with his brother Ben! The spirit that the gospel is bringing into their home is beginning to touch the hearts of all that are in the house! Charlie and Selia have yet to talk with the bishop about getting married due to the powers of hell combining against them (Rides falling through, getting sick) but they have another meeting scheduled for Thursday night. Selia is giving up coffee starting today! She didn't drink any yesterday so she is ahead of the game! We had a great lesson with them Saturday night where we reviewed the restoration and watched the Restoration DVD with them! It was very sweet! We have been saying family prayer with them every night and the spirit is so strong when we have them all together! I am so excited for them and their family! They are progressing well and we have a lesson scheduled for tonight with Ben!
We have a lot of finding to do this week to start to build up the teaching pool so I am excited for that. I love my mission and I love being a missionary. I am so happy and I look forward to the new opportunities and experiences that each day brings!
I am so happy to hear that everything continues to go well back home!

It has been really chilly here but that's alright. I DONT MISS THE SNOW ONE BIT!
mom expect calls from the bishop here in our ward and from Sister Snyder, we are eating with the Snyders on Thanksgiving.. they are sooooo awesome!
Well until next week... adios! forgot the camera cord so ill get ya some pics next week! I love you all!
Love Elder Nelson


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