Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8th, 2013

Dear Family,

     Hello! This past week has been great!! Don't you just love conference?? I hope you were all able to watch all the sessions! Conference weekend is the best missionary holiday there is!! We always get members feeding us great food in between sessions and bringing us snacks before sessions and of course we get to watch the sessions and they are wonderful! It is the best! 

     In between sessions on sunday we had Cafe rio style salads with some members! (They were good but nowhere near as good as the real thing) So it is just so much fun! Good friends, good food, and great messages! It is sweet! 

    My New companion is Elder----- from Provo! I don't know if I told you this or not but I was in the same district as him during my third transfer in santa rosa when I trained Elder Borland. So I knew him a little bit! I probably mentioned this but he is going to play baseball at Dixie State when he gets back. He says he wants to try out for byu but he has a spot for sure at dixie. He has 6 months left on his mission so he has been trying to work out a lot which is great news for me because I have been hoping I would get a companion that likes to exercise and wants to eat healthy so that I would have some assistance in losing weight! Prayer answered! He brought a ton of weights with him and he has two gloves so we have been throwing in the mornings... I don't think i will ever escape  baseball!! He is so much fun though. We have been getting along great already like we were old time friends! I love him so much and it has only been a week! We have had some great conversations and we have a lot of fun. It is probably because we have the same type of background which immediatly gave us something in common and to talk about. But yeah it has been very fun so far!! The best part about him though, (and worst) is that he would very easily be disobedient and waste time, but he is also very willing to work. So as long as I stay on the ball he will be right there with me, which doesn't bother me because I like leading out anyway.

    So I am excited to serve with him it should be really fun. We had some crazy things happen this past week with one of our converts.  (Andrew goes on to share a story that is very personal to the convert.  We will not share it on the blog because of its personal nature.) 

     So anyways, I think that last paragraph is not going to make sense at all but you will get the gist which is that If you keep the commandments your life will just be SO  MUCH BETTER. and you will avoid SO MANY CONSEQUENCES that come from making dumb decisions. I thought it was awesome how Monson talked about obedience. Our happiness level truly = our obedience level. 

I only wish some of my investigators could see and understand that. They see the commandments as restrictions that hold them back when in reality they SET US FREE! We are so blessed to grow up and have from the beginning this great understanding. I love this gospel and this church and i am so thankful to be here on my mission sharing this great understanding with people who are in great need of it! I only wish that more people would be willing to listen and "try the virtue of the word of god" 

    Keaton dropped me a line today in response to the line i dropped on him! It was sweet to hear from him! 

Welp Love ya family, have a great week! Thank you for your prayers in my behalf! I love you! 

  Love elder nelson

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