Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So The big Pres decided last minute to switch things up. I am  getting transfered to lake county with elder farnsworth. Pretty stupid that he did it last minute. I wont get to say goodbye to anyone. But whatever. Life goes on. I loved ukiah though. It sucks to leave. Anyways! It was great to talk to you all on sunday. I miss you alot. If you send letters send them to the mission office and post on the blog that i am getting transfered so that anyone who cares knows. Well, I have to go pack and try to say goodbye to people so i am going to cut you short again but i promise ill send you a good long letter next week. As far as i know the place that i am going to is going to stink on p days.  maybe im wrong though.
  well, love you all!
love elder nelson

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