Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19th 2013

Dear Family,
    Hello! So This week went by like super fast!! So quick side note. hermana Bryant just brought in a little present for me in the form of a eyebrow waxing kit! Apparently she thinks my eyebrows need to be waxed?? I don't exactly know what to think right now!! I cannot figure her out! But anyways, So exciting news!! Felice Spencer is going to be getting her Patriarchal blessing very soon!! isn't that awesome?? We were teaching her the other day and she is just super into the church like it takes many recent converts awhile to settle in but Felice is just taking it all in stride. And I could tell she was wanting more from us but we have taught her quite a bit about the church she already has families to visiting teach and is going to get a calling soon and for some reason I just felt like she needed something else to be working towards I think she was feeling that too. Like there was something she needed to be doing that she wasnt beacuse that is how i felt weirdly. But anyways we were teaching her and it just so happened that the words Patriarchal blessing were placed into my mind. As soon as i heard it I knew that that is what we needed to teach her and so we did!! It was cool because as we described what that is and told her our experience with them she got super excited and couldnt wait to get it!! So that was one great experience. She is set up to meet with the bishop next sunday!
    The other sweet experience is that we went over to see the Ellsworth family. They are a Part Member family that we teaching! But they are great!! The mom is the only member but she is less active and works on sunday! She is totally cool with her kids getting baptized but wont force them or tell them they should do it. it has to be their choice which to some degree I understand but I dont think kids should have a choice until they are way older. Especially if you know that the church is Gods kingdom on the earth and the only true church. HELLO PEOPLE!!!!! Anyways, We are teaching her daughter Cynthia and she is awesome!! We are teaching a whole bunch of people and we have 6 of them with a baptismal date and many other less actives and investigators that we invite to church and commit to church every week and the only investigator that came was Cynthia!! And she is 11!! And she has to walk to church! She is awesome! And she is getting baptized on sept 7th!! I cant wait!! 
     And hermana chavez just told me that i need to finish because i am out of time, and i do not want her to be angry with me so i must bid you all a fond farewell until we meet again next week on Pday. brethren adieu!

 love E. Nelson.

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