Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6th, 2013

Dear Family, 
     I am not MIA! Yesterday was just to busy for me to write you so I received permission to write you today!! How lucky are you!! 
     Well the news you have all been waiting for, I have not been transferred! I am staying in Clearlake for another 6 weeks! Elder Volkson and Skidmore are obviously gone, and Elder Farnsworth is gone as well. He is getting transferred to Davis in the Woodland Zone. Which is perfect for him because he is crazy about bikes and Davis is bike central of our mission. It is a college town and everyone is on bike so he should do well there! 
     As for me I will be once again training a new missionary! My Second born in the wilderness. So that will be fun! It will be interesting because instead of bringing two new missionaries into highlands south (I was highlands north) They just combined the area and made it into one. So I took on a whole other area and all the investigators and less actives and members...Which as you can imagine is a lot. So I am feeling a little worried about that side of things, I don't know to much about souths area or about who they were working with. I know a little but not a lot. So it feels like I am white washing into an area almost. But it will be good! 
     This last week was great. I Love Elder Volkson and Elder Farnsworth and I am really going to miss them a lot. Saying goodbye to Volkson yesterday was just weird! The day that we had talked about at the very beginning of the transfer had finally come. It never fells like it will. But it always does. 
      This week was pretty nuts. Saturday and Sunday especially!  On Saturday we had a service project scheduled at a ranch owned by a a member in our wards non member grandma. And she needed some help so we went out to help her! I painted fences mostly, I don't know what the other people did. While I was painting I was talking to the Non member mother of the members, who was also there helping. And she was super cool and we talked a lot! But it started to get crazy around noonish. We were about to go in and have a tri-tip lunch, but first we wanted to finish putting in some fence posts. Elder Skidmore was pounding them in with one of those fence post pounder things. Well, I didn't exactly see what happened all I know is that the next thing I saw was Elder Skidmore falling down right on his back hard! As it turns out somehow he managed to bring the pole pounder high enough and bend his head low enough to bring the pole pounder down on top of his own head! our initial reaction was that it wasn't to bad but then his head started to bleed...a lot! So we got him to the ER as quick as we could and he had to get five or six staples in his head! I will send you some pictures. 
    That same night we had a farewell party for the three elders leaving but mostly the two going home. They bought this really cool cake about bagging a babe or something like that. Ill send you that picture too. 
     Now on to Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize a 9 year old girl name scarlet! It was a baptism for the Middletown spanish sisters! I guess when they asked her who she wanted to baptize her she said she didn't know so they showed her pictures of all the elders and she choose me to baptize her!! Isn't that funny? I was really excited! And that went great of course. Something else really cool about the baptism is that, I noticed a girl was there that I had contacted on the street a few weeks earlier! Her name was Kyla and when I saw her I knew exactly who she was because she was really cute and there are not very many cute girls here in clearlake! So When I saw her I was pumped because I was wondering why the heck was she at this baptism?? That is no coincidence! So I sat by her and talked to her and found out that her boyfriend is the older brother of scarlet, the girl getting baptized! And the boyfriend is a less active member that the hermanas were teaching! Crazy eh?? 
     After the baptism I gave her a book of mormon with our number in it and I just added her on facebook, so she isn't getting away now! muahaha. facebook is such an awesome missionary tool if you use it right by the way, I know there are many who wont and dont use it right but I have seen such great miracles from using it. And they are simple ones too. Like just simply being able to find and communicate with random people you talk to throughout the day by just getting there first name...it is sweet, then you can send them videos and messages and quotes and pictures and teach them online! it is cool but that is off the subject! 
     Anyways. It was a great week! I am sad and excited about the future. tomorrow morning we will head to santa rosa and I will lose farnsworth.. i didn;t just lose one comp I lost three and I only get one back. how lame is that!! haha. 
      But yeah mom, I only have eaten one of the fish I caught. The fish in this lake taste like the lake if you dont cook them the right way and I dont cook them the right way but we had to try it once. OH I should probably tell you that I caught another fish this week too. Boo yah!! 
      But that is it for me this week! I love you

                                                     Good-bye Volkson

Another Big One

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