Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th 2013

Felice got baptized!! It was a sweet weekend!! The baptism went perfectly except for Felice had to be baptized twice because the first time she didn't go all the way under...then the second time it was really close...but we thought she made it. elder Volksen and I were witnesses. 
    So that was great. The spirit was super strong! And the cool thing is that Felice's daughter and Husband were both in attendance. The daughter Shay, told us that she wanted to be baptized after the baptism...she knew that as her mom entered the waters of baptism that that was what she needed to do as well. And Ken, Felices husband in a lesson on Sunday agreed to be baptized on the 17th of august and he said he was for sure going to do it! 
     It was a sweet experience actually, while we were teaching ken, I didnt feel like we were saying what we needed to and so Finally the thought popped into my head to really help ken understand the spirit. So I started to do a compare and contrast sorta thing. I asked him about how he has felt as he has studied, and how he felt at the baptism... and then i really felt prompted to ask felice to bear her testimony to ken about her baptism and how she has felt over the past few weeks...It was powerful. I think that was the tuning point of the lesson because after that he began to open up. He said  , you know elders I just need to be straight with you guys, I have mixed feelings about joseph smith because of some things that i have heard but I do want to believe and I want all the blessings you keep promising me so I am going to get baptized, im going to do this because i really want it to be right, I really want to believe! 
     I was pumped when he said that!! The first thing that came to my mind was elder hollands talk about believing! And it just so happened that Felice had one on the desk so i grabbed it and read the story about the 14 year old boy that told elder holland that he didnt know the church was true but that he believed it was!! We told him that The first step is to believe. to plant that little seed of faith and nourish it so that it could eventually grow into a huge tree!! "Be not afraid, only believe."  He really understood it at that point. And I then felt that I should promise him that if he would stay away from alcohol and continue to pray and study with us and on his own that by the time his baptismal date came he would have an answer! And he said okay! I will do it. I want this! Super cool!!
    I know that the lord is working miracles in the lives of this family because just like the pioneers of old, Felice was a pioneer for her family in joining the church and now because of her example her family has been touched and wants to come to where she is. it is awesome!! it has been a great experience!
     And felice our awesome new convert is already doing more missionary work than all of the other ward members combined. She called us today and told us that she had two friends that she had talked to about her baptism and they both wanted to study with us and learn more about the church so they are coming to our next lesson with Felice! I am pretty sure that felice is going to get called to be a ward missionary!! How great would that be!? 
      On Sunday I was able to confirm Felice a member of the church and give her the holy ghost and blessing!! Afterwards she just sat in the chair and cried and looked around at all of us.. When we asked her about it later she just said that she felt so much peace!! And when she was looking at all of us we all just looked so beautiful and bright and she felt so much love for all of us and for the gospel and for the savior. It was pretty sick. It truly was a GREAT weekend. Felice is going to help this ward so much!! 
     On a less spiritual note, I caught another catfish this week!! It was huge! 25 pounds!! So I was pumped about that!! Elder Volksen was ticked! He still hasn't caught a fish yet!! We did a lot of service this week. We do our best to limit it but sometimes you just gotta help people out. We helped a Less active member remodel his bathroom so that he wouldnt get kicked out of his house. I guess the manager of his house was ticked at some of the damage and he had to fix it so we helped him. It is crazy the things that you learn out here. I have learned a ton about construction especially. Tearing down and putting up siding, painting, caulking, laying cement, laying tile and grouting it, bucking hay, building retaining walls, it is nuts! But i love it! 
      This week should be pretty crazy!! It is volksen and skidmores last week. They are so ready to go home. They sure arent helping me keep focused, but it has been a blast and i will be really sad to see volksen off. he is the best!! 
      I hope you each have a great week! love you!! 
Elder nelson
                                               A fisher of men (Felice's  Baptism)
                                          And a fisher of fish- a 25 pound catfish

                                         Looks like he does eat them.  We were wondering
                                          what he did with all that fish.

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