Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd, 2013

Dear Family!
     Don't worry Mom I wasn't super serious about the every other week thing. I wouldn't do that to you! 
     So on Saturday this week Felice had her baptismal interview and she is good to go for next Saturday the 27th! I am super excited! Our ward mission leader is baptizing her and I get the great opportunity to confirm her on Sunday! It will be my first time so I am a little nervous! But I have given countless blessings to many people on y mission and I have come to learn that the spirit will tell you what to say if you are listening. 
     This Friday I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Alvarado, one of our ZLs and we had a great experience! Probably the highlight of the week actually, it was awesome! So you probably dont know but something we have been implementing into our mission is offering and leaving blessings on peoples homes. So for a simple example in a contact you could say hi we are Servants of Jesus Christ and we would love to leave a blessing(prayer) on your home and family. And then if they agree you go in and pray with them and help them recognize the spirit that the blessing brings, anyways, it is Amazing when they invite you in to say it. it works every time if they let you in. 
      So anyways, Elder Alvarado and I went to follow up on 2 former investigators, Yadi and gilbert. When we got there Gilbert was out on his porch fixing a bike so we went over and staerted to talk to him and eventually we asked him about his previous lessons with missionaries. He told us he respected us and that if we were in the neighborhood we could stop by and talk to him anytime about Jesus but that he had already done the whole missionary thing and wasnt to interested in doing it again.So that was cool but we weren't going to let him off that easy so we asked him if we could leave a blessing on his home and family and he said okay! ( he has six kids!)  So he called all his kids inside because they were out playing and we gathered tofgether in the living room. We talked to them a little bit more and introduced ourselves and then we asked them what kind of things they were in need of as a family. What kind of blessing they could use in their lives from their father in heaven. And they had a lot! we had to write them down haha. After that we invited them to enjoy a moment of silence after the prayer to listen and feel the spirit. Elder Alvarado said the prayer and it was great, he prayed for all of them specifically and asked for some great blessing to be poured out on this great family. After the prayer we kept quiet. We as missionaries dont talk until the investigators break the silence. Gilbert broke the silence after about 30 seconds by saying thank you very much. 
    We then preceeded to ask them how they felt as we prayed and listened.( this is the crucial part. you have to help them recognize the spirit!) So we asked the oldest son and the parents how they felt and of course they said great, and happy and they felt closer to heavenly father! And that is where we get them. Because after they said that we followed up with the question, dont you wish you could have this happy peaceful spirit with you all the time? Of course they said yes. then comes the best part, we testify in the name of jesus christ that it is through obedience to the commandments and the gospel that families and individuals can have his spirit with them always! Can we come by another time and teach you more about how you can have this feeling in your home every single day? 
     They said we could come back and teach them more. and they were very thankful for the blessing!
     Isn't that sweet?? It doesn't go exactly like that every time but that is the general idea and that is pretty much how it went for us that day! Gilbert and Yadi who both at the beginning weren't interested in meeting with us READILY accepted a return appointment after they felt the spirit enter their homes and hearts as we prayed for their specific needs and current concerns and testified in the name of the savior. 
     It was a great experience and I love leaving blessing on peoples homes. it is just such a simple way to help people recognize the spirit and sets up perfectly the question or invitation to came back and teach more. We pray and invite the spirit. We ask them how they feel. they say good or happy or peacful or whatever. we say would you like to have that with you all the time?? Of course they say yes. Who wouldn't want that?? then we tell them that we can teach them how. it is the best! So simple direct and effective. 
       Let's see what else happened this week... We had a sweet lesson with a recent convert who is having troubles with a wayward daughter. We shared with her the story of alma the younger and it really raised her spirits. the scriptures are the best!
       We have been having a blast. Our apartment is the best! This transfer is flying by because we are having so much fun and doing so much work! 
      thank you for all your prayers in my behalf! I feel them I am so thankful for all of you. I Truly have the best family in the world! I love you and look forward to hearing from you this week! 
Love Elder Nelson

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