Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st 2013

Dear Family,
     Hello! I hope you all had a great week! I don't have to much time, we have lessons to get to and it is 5:00! We dont have a dinner tonight though so that is good! I wanted to let you know that we spoke in church on sunday. All four of us elders did. It was sweet! I hadn't spoken in a long time! So it was good. I am really glad you sent me those talks dad because I used one of them a little bit! I think it was centering faith in jesus christ.
    But I dont have anytime, which stinks, if i get time tonight i might try to come write a little bit more but we really need to get going.
    I have some sad news. Felice our golden investigator called us yesterday and said she wants to go back with her church. She doesnt wasnt to be baptized but"we can still be friends" I was so sad. She was the only solid person we are teaching that was going really really good. We went over to see her Sunday and I did my best to help her see what she was doing. I asked her if she believed that joseph smith was a prophet. and if she knew the Book of Mormon is true and she told us yes she believed in both of those things. I then told her that if those things were true, if the true authority has been restored and the original church of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness,with Prophets, apostles and additional scripture then what do you have to go back to? Wouldnt the only thing that makes sense to do be to move forward? But she didnt see it. Her answer of course was pathetic and she knew it was pathietic but whatever.  All we can do is invite. It was really sad because we love her so much. She told us her dad had been a pastor at her church and his picture is there and she likes that and she said her friends there missed her. That was her reason for not wanting to keep going in spite of believing our church to be totally true. It is all the same God right? ha. Truly satan has blinded the eyes of so many people.
     Anyways, that was negative so i should leave you with a positive note. The ward is picking up a little bit in excitment because of the missionary meeting and becasue of our talks that we gave in sacrament! It is pretty cool! They are only small flames at this point but we the missionaries plan on waving those things on as much as possible! So we could really use your prayers this week. We need to find more people to teach and people that are Ready to be baptized. Our mission goal is 101 baptisms a month and we are set to blow it up in JUly. So we need to be a part of that and that will require finding people that are ready to be baptized very soon. We lost our only date this week :(  But things are great our apartment is crazy fun and we are doing our best to fulfill our purpose and invite others to come unto christ.
     I love each of you very much and I am sorry for the short email, We did somethings early on in the day that set us back big time in our pday necessities. (i will admit that one of those things was a huge nerf gun war at a members house during fun!) But anyways, I will write you more next week and let you know how things go! Thank you for all your prayers!
Love Elder Nelson

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