Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th, 2013

Dear Family!
      I guess you are all dying to know about what happened with transfers! Elder farnsworth and I will be staying together for another transfer. Elder Kunz is getting transferred and Elder Volkson is coming in to be with Elder Skidmore. That is actually pretty crazy because they were MTC companions and they both go home at the end of this transfer! So we have two dying missionaries in our apartment. Unfortunately Elder Skidmore is already checked out. He is pretty much done. Love the guy but he is really distracting and makes it hard to focus. Not to mention he is hindering the guidance of the spirit in our planning and studies becuase he is always interrupting and trying to talk to us. So annoying. But its all good. I am so excited that Elder Volkson is coming to our apartment! He was in the same zone as me in woodland and we got to know each other pretty well. You probably dont remember him. But it will be so fun because he is hilarious! It will be interesting to see how things go with two dying missionaries... It also is funny that I am hitting my year mark this transfer as well. So i hit the half way point as they both go home. Pretty funny and its interesting to see where he is compared to where I am and to be able to see how I dont want to be at the end of my mission. It is probably a good thing for me to see! Oh and My companion and I will be co district leaders together so that will be fun!
     Were you able to watch the missionary broadcast on sunday? We did! It was so sweet! If you didnt see it the following paragraph wont make sense so i hope you did! It was great to hear and learn more about what role the members should play in sharing the gospel. They especially talked about how the bishop and ward mission leader are huge parts to the wards missionary effort and that alot is expected out of them. I loved it and i learned a lot! But guess how many people from our ward council were at this meeting? 1. Our relief society pres. Our bishop left halfway through and our elders pres and high priest group leader and most importantly our ward mission leader were not present at the meeting. Which basically leaves us at the same point we were before. I dont know how we are going to relay all that to our WML to help him realize how ineffective he is at his callling. That is harsh, but it is true. The Lord expects so much from him and us and a huge part of our success involves the members. They are the key! So that was frustrating. Hopefully our relief society pres has lots of people to fill our planners with because i dont think we will be getting much from anyone else. It is sad. 
     I have to tell you though, Felice Came to church and it was PERFECT!! The talks were perfect the members did exactly what they were supposed to and it was just so great. During sacrament she said jeez these talks were meant for me and after sacrament members were coming up to her and meeting her and the stake pres was there and met her and our bishop came up to her and met her(okay i take that back my comp elder farnsworth was the one doing the introducing so he gets a lot of the credit) but yeah and gospel principles was decent, Personally I thought it was horrible but for the ward it was decent. But anyways, the point is that For once, Our investigator coming to church for the first time turned out great! I am sure you all remember on your missions when you brought that investigator for the first time and the talks were boring and about weird things that first timers would have a hard time understanding and none of the members introduced themselves and the gospel principles lesson went way off track and got into deep doctrine about heavenly mother and, yeah those STINK! But when they go right, oh it is so good! Felice loved it and felt very important and loved and after church she said Ill be here next week!! I am so pumped for her! Her baptismal date is on the 13th of july! So that was the highlight of the week. We saw felice and her husband twice this week and had Great lessons with them. 
      Oh before i forget I want to thank you mom and dad for your letters this last week. I really enjoyed them! it made me miss you both alot! I loved your rameumptom comment dad and Thanks for the update on tyson! I am happy for him and that he is still playin ball! He will do great. I also like the "ur" comment from the cedar post! I love that book!
     Mom you are too still a spring chicken! It is funny how You know me so well!!  You are right, i still have plenty of contacts! :D I am jealous you get to go to DC to watch the kiddoes!! That will be so fun!
  One of my least favorite perks about the mission, You always have things to do and you have a time limit on getting them done, and most of the time it is super inconvenient! (laundry+emails+ shopping+ writing letters+cleaning+ activities= not enough time to get it all done before 5)
    HOLY COW before i forget, Did you see Quinn on the video they played during the broadcast on sunday?? I freaked out! I almost yelled out but then i remembered I was in a chapel with other people so i quietly but excitedly told my companion. I thought it was so cool! he looked like a stud!
    Lets see what else... oh yeah  it makes me nervous when you bring up school dad haha. I have no idea what i am going to do or where i am going to go...So i dont know how we are going to work that out when the time comes. i am not to familiar with how all that works but i do remember that getting transcripts is so annoying so i will let you worry about getting all my stuff from barstow sent to wherever i apply. But seriously that doesnt matter now! So anyways!
      I am super excited for this transfer it will be way fun! Although the ward here is not the geatest there are always those few people that you just love to death in every area and there are four or five of those people here that are just awesome.
      I loved in that meeting that they said that the best missionaries are the ones the act out of love! I think i was inspired a few weeks ago because i felt prompted to make a greater effort to love everyone and to diligently seek for the gift of charity. It has been amazing the small changes that come as you consciously apply the things that you learn. My capacity to love has increased! I think one of the reasons charity is the greatest of all attributes is because it contains within it all of the other attributes. So I have for a while now been working on that . I love the Gospel! I know without a doubt that it is true! it is so true that it scares me sometimes! I know jesus christ lives and that he is my personal savior! i know that as i humbly excersise my faith in him and strive to become more like him I will be strengthened and enabled to become more and be better than i ever could relying on my own power. Truly the gospel is all about change. Changing to become more like jesus christ. I know thats true. I have experienced it! I love each of you so much especially you mom and you dad! I truly felt your love So strongly in your last letters and I longed to be with you! Sometimes on sundays, I let myself get to thinking about the great times we had on sundays together as a family. Those were the best times!! I miss you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers! And yes that means all of you! greg,jenny nathan, roma,liesel, dan, jason, tyler, stewart, mom dad. I love you!!
Love Elder Nelson!

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