Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th, 2013

Dear Family,
       Hello!! So I cant believe it but it is week 6 of this transfer has gone by WAY fast. This friday we get transfer information! Pretty crazy.
      Well I guess I should let you know that I didn't catch any fish last P-day. Nor did a I catch anything this P-day. But we did go diamond hunting in this dry stream bed that a member brought us too and I found some sweet diamond pieces! So that was cool. But i really want to catch a fish. The funny thing is that last monday after fishing for a couple of hours we needed to go get some stuff done and get to an appointment but patrick, the member who let  us use his poles and dock, told us to leave our poles out and come check them later. So we did. And not a half hour after we left they called us and told us one of our poles(my pole) had a huge fish on it! Unfortunatly we didnt have time to drive back and reel it in, so we just told them to reel it in and take a picture. As it turns out, it was the biggest one they had ever caught!! a 26 pound catfish! I was SO MAD! Hence the reason I went fishing today, but still nothing. We left our poles out though...hehe. So anyways I attatched pictures of patrick with his(my) catfish. And Patrick is awesome by the way so dont judge him by his picture! He used to be a thug.
      This week was great! Elder Farnsworth and I spent a lot of time talking to people in an effort to find more people to teach and we were blessed with two new investigators! We also continued to help some of our current investigators start to progress. Felice, probably our most solid investigators declared in one of our lessons this week that she was going to be baptized! She has really been a blessing to teach! I think you will be impressed with her studies! She has watched the restoration video 3 times and read the restoration pamphlet at least twice along with the Plan of salvation pamphlet and the word of wisdom pamphlet, and she is in chapter 4 of the Book of Mormon! So if she doesn't see blessing and the spirit in her life more it will be easy to pick out what she is or isn't doing! She wasn't able to come to sacrament meeting but she did come for the last little bit of relief society! So we hope the sisters stepped up and went to talk to her and find out who she is!
     Elder Farnsworth and I continue to work together well and get along and we are happy and excited and doing our best to work with the ward! He is pretty frustrated with the ward and I think that has worn on him during his time here. One thing he said to me this week was that , "sundays are supposed to be spiritual and destressing, but here in this ward I only ever get upset or stressed out." And its true, we are always worried about what new thing the ward will be mad about or that they will ask us to do a bunch of menial labor. The good news about that is that last week I mentiond to the relief socoety president that we were only allowed to do 2 hours of service a week and she was suprised by that and told us she had never heard that rule before. So she talked to the bishop about it and i guess all service projects that need to be done have to go through the bishop now before they get to us so that he can prioritize what needs to get done or what they will need our help for.
     I wish we could fire up our ward more about the people we are teaching. Especially the ward council. This is the worst ward in regards to ward council meeting that I have ever been too. When we tell them about our people they only care about if they have a car and a job. And they have absolutly no faith that the people will be worth anything. Even our Ward Mission leader is terribly negative. There was a little bit of a stir when we told them about Felice and her date for the 13th of july, but even then the only help they offered was in the form of a few words. I dont feel like the ward really appreciates what we are trying to do. They never have people for us to see and we dont have a top 15. So we have just done our best to work through some of the lists we have printed off and hope that the spirit will guide us!
      Well I love you and cant wait to hear from you this week! Ill let you know about transfers next monday! Love ya!
Elder Nelson

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