Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17th, 2013

Good morning! Sorry for all the confusion! I am sure you are all going nuts as to what is going on over here in my neck of the woods! But never fear! My email is here! 
     So The big news is that I will be getting transferred!! I received a call from President Alba early Friday Morning informing me that I will be heading up North to Eureka! I will be serving in the Arcata ward and I will also be serving as a Zone Leader. Hence the reason President called. So exciting stuff!! I will be leaving tomorrow morning so today is my last day here in lake county. I am really gonna miss this place but out of all my areas this will be the first one that i come back too. I have made some great friends here!! And I will miss Elder Morely as well. He is a stud!! He will be a great leader in this mission. So what they are doing here in clearlake is interesting. They are sending in two missionaries instead of one. So there will be a trio here! One of them will be a spanish Elder and the Other will be English. It will be a lopsided Zebra! (Spanish/English Companionship) The English elder that is coming in is Elder Blackhurst! If you dont remember he is the kid from grantsville. So that was funny to hear about. They have to send two elders to replace me because one wouldnt be enough...haha just kidding just kidding!! 
       So it has been kinda dissappointing that we didnt baptize this transfer...We have a ton of dates and the people want to get baptized they just have stupid problems like smoking or not being able to make it to church. We should have had three baptisms this transfer. it would have been good for elder morely to experience that. But he should have like nine baptisms this month otherwise i will be coming back down here to finish the dang job haha. Sometimes  you are the sower and sometimes you are the reaper...I guess I am really good at sowing because I always seem to get transferred before my seeds bear fruit...and I go to an area that is in desperate need of some seeds..we did baptize felice though..and that was worth the whole three transfers in itself. She has been a very solid addition to the ward and church!! I will miss her!! 
       But I am excited to leave. It seems that with each new transfer come new challenges to overcome, experiences to have, and opportunities to learn and grow. I always look forward to them. It has been funny because everyone that I have told about getting transferred has said oh boy well get ready for the rain and no sun. I am not looking forward to that at all...But we will be really close to the beach so I am pumped about that!! But other than that I dont know much. the trees are huge. We get to go through the avenue of the giants! And we get to go to the medford oregon temple next transfer so I will be able to hit every temple in our mission!! Sac, oakland, and medford! 
      So on facebook this week I have some cool stuff going on! I sent a message to Bro williams, my old seminary teacher and asked him for referrals and to ask all his student for referrals as well haha and that if they have questions or want to refer their friends they can message me on here! I also sent out over 154 messages to many of my member friends asking for referrals and the messages are still coming in with names to contact!! Do you know how long it would have taken me to ask for that many referrals without facebook?? Probably weeks. I sent those messages in under 20 minutes. The work you can accomplish online in two hours is incredible! I am hard pressed to contact all of the people!! It is crazy! But it is so fun. 
      Well that is my report for the week. Sorry it is short! I love you all and look forward to hearing from you this week! i got your messages greg and liesel! Thank you for those!! Love you!
Elder Nelson

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