Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

hello family!!
 I have not gotten any mail for awhile now. We don't know how to get our mail here at my new apartment. It is frustrating I know  the two elders that were here didn't have a clue. Oh well. So I have yet to get your last letters. Also I wont be getting them until later this week because a General authority is coming to our mission and we are going down to santa rosa again tonight so  I will be there until Wednesday. it will be sweet cause I will be in my greenie area and I am going to go around and visit everyone that I had previously been teaching!! it will be sweet!!
     So this week has been good. It has been raining a lot! We live right by Humboldt state university so it is pretty cool and there are a lot of college kids. We go to the institute to do online work and it is sweet.
      We are teaching some cool peeps. I don't know any of them very well yet so I cant tell you too much. But it is nice the ward seems really good and things are good!!
       I am drawing a blank on what to say so I just want to testify to you all that I know the church is True! I know that president alba is truly inspired by God!! He leads this mission on revelation!! Every transfer call I have gotten has seemed to come at the perfect time. I have felt the spirit confirm to me a lot already that this is where I am supposed to be at this time and I am with the companion that I am supposed to be with! His name by the way is elder rouse. He is totally awesome and has been out 8ish months I think? So it is cool!
  Elder Cartwright is my ZL companion and he is a punk! But I love him.
   So that is that. This week was crazy and exciting but uneventful really. I will have a ton more to talk about next week!! I love you!!
Elder Nelson!

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