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September 30th 2013

Hey family!!! how are you!!!!  I am glad you emailed me because I havent been able to get mail this past week either. I will be able to get it all tomorrow hopefully. The problem I guess is that we just moved in here right before i came and when someone moves in the post office changes the locks. so we have been trying to figure it out and we should have a key tomorrow! 
     Things have been crazy. For three days last week I was in shiloh Park! My very first area! We went down monday night and left wednesday night! So Elder Cartwright and i were both able to go visit some people in our old areas!! it was awesome!! The reason we went down is because on monday night early we had Zone Leader Conference With Elder Adjukitus. And it was trotally sweet. He pretty much told us that the church is very happy with what we are doing here in our mission but they aren't satisfied. And then he proceeded to point out everything that we stink at and laugh at us! That is really what he did. So we were all laughing at ourselves and how bad we are haha. He then taught us about how we can improve. It was basic stuff but very much inspired. He told us Zls about planning and how our weekly planning needs to be way better. It was good. 
     So I havent had a full week of work yet in my area. The first week I arrived in my area on wednesday and then left monday and got back wed. so i have only been here like a week still. But it is good. 
      So you are still having questions about online work. I will try to explain some things. I have now been able to give two talks on on that very subject. (i spoke in church on sunday here in arcata) So The first way in which it is effective is that it is the supreme way of contacting a lot of people in a short amount of time. and it is just as legit as a face to face contact because it practically is. 
       So first here is a story. in church last week one of the members  i had introduced my self to sent me a request on facebook. I didnt know that he had until I signed in to add a few of the members that i had met like the bishop and stuff as friends in between classes. I saw that he had requested me and i accepted his friend request. A few seats down from me there was a ring tone that went off and he looked at his phone and then me and said oh hey you accepted my friend request. So he was alerted by a notification that i accepted his request,
   That is the exact same thing that happens when I send a message or send a video or post a video on someones wall or send a friend request or like a comment or photo pretty much anything I do makes waves because someone is gonna get a notification...do you see how effective that is? Say i send a message to a non member that was referred to me. He is going to get a notification and see my name and photo and be like who is this guy. Next thing he is going to do is go to my profile to see who i am. My profile is open. he can see everything. He will probably look at some photos read some of my posts. ( all of me in missionary attire and about the gospel) Maybe he will then click on the "about section" where you can put down information about who i am and what i like. Well in the about section of my facebook, my testimony is written. so he could read my testimony. Boom. How many contacts with the gospel did he have just by going to my page? Quite a bit. Maybe something will strike him and he will want to learn more? Who knows. But that is exactly what happens because that is what i do when someone i dont know adds me. and that is what we all do. Statistics say that it takes seven interactions with missionaries before they will agree to be taught. With the internet we are going to burn right through those seven contacts. 
     Next. Something I have been doing is searching for groups on facebook. Like groups for new mothers or groups for "truth seekers" whatever that means haha but as i have found these groups I then go to the mormon messages library and find a mormon message that fits exactly what the group is about. So for this new mothers group i posted a video about mother hood. In the truth seekers group i posted the video about the restoration with L. tom Perry. At the very end of it it says. "truth has been restored" haha. So now lets go back to the notification thing. When I posted this video in the groups every single person in the group is notified that i posted something. How many members were in the truth seekers group do you think? over three thousand. I just contacted three thousand people and they were all notified in some way that i posted. From that post I have a bunch of conversations going with people who had questions about the video. I also had a lot of people attack me haha but it is awesome!! Do you see how effective this can be? it is so sweet. 
     I have joined groups that are specifically for members as well. THe groups are for Lds members in europe and england and germany and I am getting referrals from many of them because i posted in the groups introducing myself and telling them about what is going on. 
     This last week I taught two lessons. One was with an excommunicated member that lives in germany. Her name is vera. She really wants to get back into the church but is having a hard time forgiving herself and her family is holding her back. I was able to teach her about the atonement and about how everything wrong about us and our live will be made right because jesus christ suffered for us. And that because he knows us individually he can strengthen us to overcome our burdens.Everything we have felt he felt first. And she was so grateful. 
     I taught another girl named Sky! she actually lives here in arcata. We were out contacting people in downtown arcata towards the end of the night. We talked to this awesome couple who werent interested but told us thier daughter actually lived in erda for a few years at a boarding school of some sort. They said she loved it and that she almost was going to join the mormon church but that she moved back here and never did. Well before they left I asked them if we could add their daughter on facebook. And they said they would get my name and tell her and let her make the decision so we said okay. Well the next day i got her friend request and started a conversation with her. This was the conversation! 
  • Sky : when I was in boarding school, one of my family teachers who was Mormon told me that the LDS church doesn't approve of tattoos.
  • Elder Andrew Nelson
    Elder Andrew Nelson
    In GETTING tattoos yes but if you already have them it doesn't matter!
  • Sky Alexa Tinseth
    Sky Alexa Tinseth
    ohh okay I understand now!
    I will talk to you more later on, I'm off to babysit now!
  • Elder Andrew Nelson
    Elder Andrew Nelson
    Okay awesome I look forward to it!! Have a great day!
  • Elder Andrew Nelson
    Elder Andrew Nelson
    the past is the past! That is the beautiful part about the gospel. God doesn't care nearly as much about where you have been or even about where you are as much as he cares about where you are willing to go with his help. And I just want to testify to you that it is through following Jesus Christs example and being baptized that we take the first step towards the greatest blessings available to us in this life and in the life to come! Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized sky??
  • Sky Alexa Tinseth
    Sky Alexa Tinseth
    I'm definitely considering it now. I would love to sit down and really get told all about your faith.
  • Sunday
  • Sky Alexa Tinseth
    Sky Alexa Tinseth
    enjoy church today!

    I was going to leave it at that but the spirit prompted me so hard to not let her get off that easy so i invited her!! She also wants to have us over for dinner! So we will be going to see her this week sometime!
    So online work is legit. I have contacted pres collings and still need to reply to him but he wants to hear more about it. Maybe you can direct him to this email for me? Or forward it to him? that would be great!
    I am so pumped for general conference! If you want to be up to speed on what the most recent revelations from god are watch general conference!! Also I want to invite you guys to watch at least one session if not both sessions on sunday at the church dressed in your sunday best! I really regret all those wasted sundays when i fell asleep and didnt listen to the words of our great prophet and apostles. Many members out here go to the church for every sesion as a family. I want to do that with my kids. At least one session on sunday. Just an idea for you. I know you will all be way more open to personal inspiration.
    Oh so something else cool is that within the bounds of our HUGE area we have an indian reservation. Hoopa Valley. We are trying to get a branch started up there. This last week we went out to work there(it is an hour away) And we found a sweet family! We invited them to the sacrament meeting in hoopa on sunday. (There is only one a month) They came and loved it!! We are going back this week to teach them. Also at church were a ton of members and they brought friends and we set appointments and asked for referrals and we are going to be quite busy in hoops this week. It was an awesome miracle.
    So The zone leader thing dad. Pres alba wanted the zone leaders to be influencing more missionaries so he split most of them up, put them in a four man pad and had them train up new missionaries or help get older missionaries and struggling missionaries on track. So i live with elder cartwright who is my zl companion.
    I will let you know next week about mail i would just email again until it is figured out for sure. Thanks
    Have a great week!!
    Love elder Nelson
    ps we are going to the beach :)

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