Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct. 7th, 2013

Hey family! It was good to hear from you this week! That is so exciting to see Brenden Returning home and Jake getting his mission call!! That is sweet! Isn't that the same mission that you served in dad? That is just awesome! 
     Alright some items of business! First, Last week at the beach there was a terrible incident! We were all playing ultimate Frisbee and there was a rogue wave that came out of nowhere and went up the beach and soaked all of our stuff that was lying on the beach. So my camera, yes my camera got drenched. and it isnt working. Soooo I don't know what you want me to do. Should I send it back or what? And also I need another camera...Let me know! The mail is all worked out so you can mail me stuff now. I got all of your past mail as well. 
      I hope that you were able to watch all of conference! It was the I cant wait to re read those talks and study them. I feel like conference always comes at the perfect time. Every six months I think generally speaking that the entire church needs a boost. I know i do. It comes at the perfect time! 
      I n Preach my gospel under the section about prophets it mentions the word truth like 7 or 8 times. I love that because one of the main roles that a prophet has is to teach truth. So many people in this world right now just have no clue what is right and what is wrong. they dont know when they pick up a religious book if everything that they are reading is true. I remember a time when some jehovas witnesses knocked on our door and gave us pamphlets. I started to read a little bit of it and i was just feeling very skeptical and confused and unsure about a lot of what i read. I didnt know what was truth and what was a lie. And I am not smart enough and spiritually in tune enough to pick out truths from half truths and lies. And it hit me then that that is why I am so thankful for a prophet!! We have materials that are published in our standard works and many other manuels that we can read and study from and have NO DOUBTS that what we are reading from is true...except the journa lof discourses...some of that stuff seems super sketchy haha but that is besides the point! We dont have to doubt!! We dont have to be confused! We have all the answers before us and they are stamped with the prophets and apostles approval. I love that. I love truth and I am so thankful to know the truth. and to now at this time be able to declare the truth to all that i meet! It is a great blessing!! 
      I am so thankful for the atonement that allows me to change everyday to become more like jesus christ! We are such a proud people. I have talked to many people with the mindset that I dont need to change! I am who i am and i cant change that! I am me and this is how i will stay. But they are mssing the big picture. The whole purpose of the atonement was to enable us to change not just superficially but even the very desires of our heart. I have felt this change overcome me on my mission. as I have submitted to the will of the lord my heart and my desires have been changed. The things I used to think that made me me have been altered and changed to make a better me. But I am still me. people dont get that! I dont even fully get it. But it makes sense because i have felt it in my life. It is a beautiful thing. 
     I hope each of you have a wonderful week. We are seeing many miracles every day out here in the service of god. I love you! 
Love Elder nelson

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