Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

Dear Family, 
     It has been a super weird week! Transfer week is always crazy and we had MLC (missionary Leadership Council) The day after transfers and then we had our weekly planning day after that so all in all we haven't been able to do a ton of proselyting but its been good. 
      Really though it has been a trip to be back in Shiloh park. Not much has changed though which is interesting. It doesn't really feel like I ever left! Most of the people we have gone to see so far are the same people that I was teaching when i was here give or take a few people. So it has been fun to reconnect. I'm really thankful that I am missing out on the whole new area thing. It always takes like two or three weeks to get to know everyone and to adjust to a new companion and get to know your investigators and your area and how things are done. I'm avoiding almost all of that! But my new comp is awesome so that really hasn't been a problem either. I don't know if i have told you but his name is elder Ashton and he is from highland utah. He went to Lonepeak high school. HE is really fun and chill and wants to work hard so no problems. It should be fun. The only thing that has been hard is realizing that i will be leaving for sure  in five weeks. I will be really sad to leave because things are going to be awesome here. So knowing that I wont be here for long is sad. But tha'ts alright. I also realized that after this transfer i will have spent 6 months in shiloh park ward! so I will have had two 6 month areas which is weird to me. 
     Anyways, this week has been good. Everyone is excited for me to be back for the most part and the area is in good shape so there will be plenty for us to do. I miss vacaville though. 
     Speaking of vacaville, Elder wride wasnt transferred so he is in vacaville with a new companion. I saw him at MLC and it was sad that we were no longer comps. our reign has ended for the moment. But hopefully he will come to BYUi and then the legend will continue. I almost had him talked in to coming but he probably wont until next year if he does at all. HE has a girl to chase down in provo before he can think about going anywhere else. SO if that doesnt work out then hopefully he will shimmy on up to idaho and we can party. 
      Oh also we have some sweet roomies here. Elder Deborah from mexico and Loramier from texas. They are awesome. IT will be a fun transfer. 
     Mom i really enjoyed hearing about your miracles! Thats awesome! So many people wonder if God even cares about the little day to day things we struggle with in our lives, it is always great to hear about stories that teach us otherwise! 
      Hopefully i will have more to tell you about next week, sorry this is short, we got a late start and have a lot to do today that usually we dont have to do. Perks of being a zone leader. Not. 
     I love you and hope your week is great! 
Love E. Nelson

P.s. What do you think about coming back to cali to visit?. . Anyways. love you! 

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