Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th 2012

It sounds like it has been a great week for everyone with the baby and all!! That is really exciting! I'm glad that everything went well! I'm very happy about having another nephew! Boys rule! Well, I don't know how to start this letter, the days and weeks are a blur. Things are going well though!   We eat dinner at members houses and we eat very, very, very well. Dad, the other day we ate at the Parker's home. You don't know them obviously but we had cedar planked salmon for dinner and it was so good! He is a big fisherman and I told him the last thing I did before coming home was go on a fishing trip! I showed him the pics on my camera and he showed me his pics of when he goes deep sea fishing and it was really cool! He told me that when I get off my mission i should bring you back with me and we could stay in the spare bedroom and go deep sea fishing with them! cool cool.   I have been wanting is a new set of scriptures. But not like I have. I want a quad but like a small one if that makes sense. My other ones are marked up and are continuing to be marked up so I need a cleaner one that I can share scriptures with investigators with and not have markings that only I understand all over! so a small quad would be greatly appreciated, better for tracting as well. Dad What is the famous book of mormon door approach?
Alright, well this week has been good! I am getting more comfortable knocking doors and am starting to like it! It is really fun and exciting because literally once you knock there is no telling what kind of weirdo is going to be on the other side!! On Saturday while checking the map i felt inspired to hit i street named marigold. It was a great tracting session. The spirit led us to three promising potentials and a lot of nice people that we were able to bear testimony and talk with. We have about four new investigators this week so our tracting has been great! but after a week of great tracting we finally hit a rough patch on Sunday. Everyone was really mean, one lady kept telling us to get off her property another guy opened the door said goodbye and then slammed the door! The good thing is that tracting is never a waste because we have raised the voice of warning and shared our testimonies and planted seeds that later missionaries will be able to harvest. We did run into one lady in particular that I will never forget! She was an older lady and at first when we talked to her she seemed ready! We were excited! But to make a long conversation short she said that she had seen heavenly father and mother and that she was now a vessel of the lord! She told us about herself a bit. We invited her to read form the book of Mormon and pray about it and while we were inviting her she said "I already did, just now" I almost starting laughing out loud. she then said" I have been told its not something I need to look into and that I should continue on my path" oh man and the best part is that elder Stainback continued on and started bearing testimony again about actually reading and praying about it and the lady interrupted him mid sentence and said " your not hearing me! I already did!" then she pointed at the book of Mormon and said "the truth isn't in here! Its in here!" and she touched Stainback's chest over his heart. She started to close the door and so we said goodbye and started to walk away but she threw in one last thing. She pointed at me and said "oh and the problem your having by the way will be resolved in about 6 weeks" Elder stainback was like "what problem!" and she was like that is between him and god." and closed the door! apparently she was entitled to receive revelation for me? and if its between me and god why was she involved? It was nuts! So anyways knocking is intense! well, what else, I should thank you mom and dad for all you taught me before my mission and for the things you did that rubbed off on me. My comp has been out sixteen months and he has no idea how to do dishes apparently. Because I unloaded the washer and there was food still al over the silverware and dishes,  I was like seriously man you need to scrub the dishes sometimes. the washer doesn't get them all off. There are many other things like that that I could tell you about that living away from home and having great parents has taught me. So I'm thankful for you and for my time at Barstow. I'm reaping the blessings from that time period that I never thought I would receive before. Dont think bad of my companion though because he is seriously awesome. I love him. We are teaching some great investigators as well! They are super receptive and ready for the gospel and finding and teaching and inviting those people to change is so sweet and it makes going through all the bad people worth it! I love you all and miss you! I still need to wrie a letter to pres. Alba and my time is running out so i better move on! Oh man!! I almost forgot, sadly one of the highlights of my week was that one night we were driving back our our apartment and the car in front of me had an awesome license plate. it said LOST747 If you cant figure out what that's all about then shame on you!! I seriously loved it. Ask my companion. I might have almost killed us trying to get a picture, luckily i realized it wasn't worth my life....but it was pretty cool. Pretty sweet huh mom/megan.?? Well until next week! I love you guys!!
Elder Nelson

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