Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th 2012

Hello family! I hope you are all doing well. I have had a wonderful week with many great experiences, some very spiritual, some absolutely crazy. I mean there are some things that have happened already that you guys wouldn't believe! People really are crazy! Especially people in Northern California! Many of the elders around me have served in the northernmost part of our mission, up in McKinleyville and Eureka and Crescent City and from what the stories they have told me, I dread the day I get transferred up there! It is literally the wild!
Well anyways my week was sweet. On Ttuesday we had dinner with the Ginn family and their daughter is married to Helamani Tafa. What is the significance of that? Well first off, his mom was here visiting from Tonga and she cooked us a huge feast of amazing Tongan food! Secondly and most importantly he served his mission in San Bernardino California which covers Barstow. It just so happened that he knew Bishop Max Taylor and a lot of the ward members and he was the missionary that baptized Terry Smith!!! I am pretty sure you know who that is! We hung out in Barstow. So that was really cool! He took a picture with me and was going to put it on Terrys facebook profile so if you want to you can get on my account and go see if he put it up!! So that was a really cool experience! I had another small world experience this week as well! Yesterday at church this guy came up and introduced himself to my companion and  he said he was a mission president. It turns out that he was just released from being the President of the New York, New york, North mission. Why he was in california I dont know but of course I asked him if he knew anyone from Grantsville named Elder Hutchins and he said " Oh of course! I just made him a Zone leader before I was released! He is a great Elder a very great Elder!" So then we talked about how I knew him and baseball and all that fun stuff! Crazy right!? It really is a small world!
So like i said this week was awesome! There are people that we have been teaching since before i got here that have made zero progress in 4 weeks that made huge steps today! We were teaching this old lady named Rachel who is really stubborn and has a ton of crap going on in her life with her grandson in and out of juvenile hall and so it has been really tough to get her to focus on what we have been trying to teach her. So basically the past few weeks we have just been serving her and talking to her and helping her out and we even snuck a few lessons in. But this last week things are finally calming down and she was finally opening up with us and she had concerns about not being baptized and not being able to be saved and stuff. It was really cool to see the change take place because as we served her she let us in more and opened up more and now she has a baptisiml date thanks to a very spiritual lesson 3 and the holy ghost touching her heart. We invited her to be baptized and she agreed! We are hoping to round up a couple of her grand kids and possibly her daughter as well!
In another lesson with a middle aged couple that have been being taught for months we were doing lesson three as well. We were reading out of 3rd nephi 27 and teaching them the Doctrine Of Christ(lesson 3).When we read verse 21 I felt the spirit hit me so hard to invite them to be baptized again. That verse was meant for them at that moment. They have been being taught for a long time and they are just stubborn and hoping for a big sign to let them know its true. At least the woman is. The man is just held back because of her. So that was really cool. They accepted by the way and are now progressing towards baptism!
I am blessed to be teaching two exceptionally GOLDEN teenagers. They eat up everything we teach them and at church on sunday they were loving it! I thought they might throw out some Amens or something because of how into it they were. They were feeling it. They are really excited to be baptized and cant wait! I love them so much! We taught them the Doctrine of christ as well. It was just a Doctrine of Chirst week! I love It!
Oh yeah on sunday, oh it was sweet. We had 7 investigators in church!! and guess who was speaking? It was a missionary homecoming and the guy was on fire. I loved his talk! It helped me out a ton and the spirit was so strong! There is no way our investigators came out of that meeting not feeling something! It was money.
This week really was super good and I needed it for sure. The tender mercies of the lord were upon me!! I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life! I love you guys and cant wait to hear from you!! Have a great week!!
- Elder Nelson

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