Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept. 3rd, 2012

Hello my wonderful family! I hope everyone is doing well. Liesel thanks for the pictures and the note! I'm so happy for you and your family! I miss Jason so much and I cant wait to meet little Tyler! They are so cute. Tell Dan I received his letter and thanks for the advice! I miss playing board games with him as well. Best of Luck Dan with School and work! Enjoy the online classes!.....yuck.
Well I have had a great week this week! I wish I could just type my journal up on the computer and send it to you at the end of the week and I wouldn't have to try and remember everything because it is such a blur! But guess what!! I had my first Baptism! It was so awesome! We Baptized Harley! He has been struggling with smoking for the past five weeks I have been teaching him. He was at two packs a day a few months ago and he had been down to one or two a day for the past two weeks. I knew it was only a matter of time until he kicked it though because he was doing everything right! Every time we went over we struggled to have something to teach him that would help him because he really was doing everything. We had given him blessings we were stopping by every night to check up in him, he was coming to church and reading his scriptures and praying and keeping all the other commandments except for his smoking. And finally this week he did it! He hasn't smoked since Tuesday! We Baptized him on Saturday! It was so col! He was confirmed in sacrament and we stood in. He chose our ward mission leader to baptize and confirm him. The spirit was so strong at his baptism! The members are really strong here in the Shiloh Park ward. I mean we really have some great members! I love going on splits and having members at lessons because they bring it!! We took out a guy with us the other day, Bro. Scherika that is a convert of 4 years and his testimony was great! He came with us to teach this lady named Rachel who has been making some huge steps lately! Just yesterday (two days after teaching her the word of wisdom) we swung by to see how she was doing and why she wasn't at church. We got to talking and we ended up teaching her about fasting and fast offerings and giving her a blessing. But the cool part is that when I asked her if she had been keeping the word of wisdom she excitedly reported back that she hadn't thought about drinking coffee all day and had ony had two ciggarettes! She doesn't smoke much so that's good. I then asked her if she wanted me to take her coffee with me when I left and she agreed! so we left her apartment with a bunch of containers of tea and coffee! She wouldn't let me take the ciggarrettes though, but she promised she would stop after this pack, ha sounds like our family trying to lose weight, "oh we will just start on monday" Hey just a random side note I got hooked up with some free dumbbells thanks to Bro. Scherika! He manages a 24 hour fitness so when I heard that you better believe I asked him about old dumbbells! Pretty sweet eh?
We are teaching another family that is just awesome. The parents are Charlie and Selia and they have two kids, Charles(4) and Ben(1). They are super awesome! Charlie is tatted up and has big gages in his ears and is out of his mind high a lot of the time...but he is so cool. And his wife Selia is the BOMB. She is super interested in what we teach but she has had this weird understanding that if she joins the church she will have to be and act like us! We were able to clear that up this week! I had a great lesson with them yesterday on splits after church. We taught them the whole plan of salvation along with a bunch of other random things like stuff about polygamy and homosexuals and. If you knew Selia you would laugh because she is so full of questions and has some weird ideas and is VERY open with them.
Well I am out of time but It was a great week! I wish I could tell you everything about it but the highlight was the baptism and the great lesson with charlie and Selia! I am so blessed to have been a part of baptism and seeing the change take place in the lives of the people we are teaching is amazing and makes me More happy than I could have ever thought I could be! My joy was full this week! I love you all and cant wait for your letters1 have A GREAT WEEK!! Love YOU!

-Elder Nelson

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