Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th 2012

Hey fam! I had a great week this week! We were blessed with a ton of referrals to contact and I met a lot of great people! I have to type fast so bear with me! This week I had a cool tracting experience! We were on a bike and we were biking to a street that we had previously planned on tracting but on the way I felt prompted to stop and tract a different street that we had passed. So we did and we found a sweet guy with a lot of problems and set up a return appointment with him on Friday.We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized and he said he would! So we picked him up as a new investigator! We contacted one of the referrals and picked her up as a new investigator as well. She just moved here from Carson city and was taking lessons from missionaries while she lived there! We are meeting with her this week. We have some great opportunity to pick up some more investigators this week as well as set some baptismal dates with people! If all goes well we could be pretty busy really quick! Thank you so much for all your prayers on my and all the missionaries behalf! I have felt the blessings this week!
On Thursday we had a half mission conference and Elder Eduardo Gavarett came and spoke to us. I met and talked to him. It was so cool. The night before on Wednesday we had a bunch of elders from up north come down and three of them stayed the night at our apartment. One was elder brown from the MTC and his trainer was with him, and the other kid was Elder Mair. The thing about Elder Mair is that he is from Wasatch and he played baseball there. I don't know if you will remember this dad but he was my partner at one of the UVU camps that we went to! I'm pretty sure it was the winter one. But yeah it was pretty funny when we realized it! We got as picture so I'll send you it sometime. Also I believe we played them in St George and beat them muahaha. I met a kid that played baseball at BYU as well and of course I was able to see my long lost friend Elder Walker from the MTC who is up in Lake County! That was one of the highlights for sure! I love that kid! It was good to be able to see him! Just know that I dread the day that I get transferred up North...the stories i hear are not good....ha its wild. The conference was great. I learned a lot and the spirit was very strong!

     Things with our current investigators are going well. We have three that are probably going to be dropped and the other are mostly long term projects that are moving very slow. Rachel Lopez is the closest to baptism. It has been so sweet to see the change take place in her life. Truly blessed and happy is the state of those that keep or do their best to keep the commandments of god! She ahd been receiving so many blessings from her efforts. Her family was a mess and she was very stressed out but things are falling into place for her. Her grandson Anthony has been in and out of juvy and its been tough for her. She loves him so much but he just keeps messing up! BUT like i said she has been listening and learning and doing her best and things are going good. Anthony her grandson is finally back home under house arrest but home and we have been talking to him and he really came out of his shell this Sunday when we went over. It was so sweet. And along with that we were able to teach rachel and he stayed out and listened and wants to come to church. So I'm excited about that. I love Rachel so much and I hope she is able to overcome stupid smoking so that she can be baptized on the 2oth of October. Smoking is seriously the worst thing ever. Since I have been here almost everyone I have taught that has had a baptismal date has had to overcome smoking. It is such a terrible thing and a horrible addiction.
Well that was my week, I wish i could tell you everythig but those are the highlights! I love you all and look forard to hearing from you! Thank you for all your prayers and love and support.
Oh on a quick funny side note we took rachel to a Baptism this week and it was in spanish so it was crazy to begin with but when they opened the doors to baptize them the water had been draining out because the drain wasnt plugged all the way...the water was super low... it was a mess.. Pres alba was there..but they managesd to baptize them still!! It was crazy and shocking but looking back it was hilarious!!! Oh was not how you picture a baptism at all!! Love you!! Elder nelson

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