Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st, 2012


This truly is an amazing work that we are doing. This week Elder Stainback and I have been doing a lot of finding and contacting and it is amazing the people that the Lord puts in our path. We just happen to be knocking certain streets on certain days at certain times but it is not by chance that we meet the people that we do and have the conversations that we have. The Lord is in total control of where we go as we listen to the spirit and let it direct us. I know that is true. We have not found many people to teach or set a lot of return appointments but we have had some great doorstep conversations with some great people who are very nice and appreciative of the work that we do as missionaries despite their unbelief. We talked to a man for a good half hour on the doorstep yesterday who was only at the house because he was working on the wiring and fixing it up. When we left he was very appreciative for the conversation and said we had made his day! Although he was not interested at all he appreciated us for our service and for our desire to assist him in anyway we could. We both left edified and the spirit was present. We were blessed with a couple of situations like that this week. Even though they were uninterested we were able to influence and make a difference in there lives and we will probably never even see them again. I love that feeling of having helped make someones day better. I hope and pray that the seeds we have planted will be able to flourish and eventually be harvested by others efforts.
I am excited about the progress I have made this week while knocking so many doors! I am getting much more comfortable being uncomfortable and am getting better at letting the spirit direct my words while taking no thought before hand what I will say. Although I must say i am getting pretty pro at looking for clues on peoples lawns and talking about them. I love houses with baseball stuff out, They are always willing to take a pamphlet or listen to a quick message after some good baseball banter! With the good there also comes many many bad... I have had some intense situations already, some have been crazy and hilarious and some have been tense and potentially dangerous( dont worry mom ;) But for the most part there are good people here. I am very blessed to be here in santa Rosa. It is a GREAT area. It literally might only go downhill from here!
I cant say that we have been totally unsuccessful in finding people to teach this week though. We made contact with a referral or two and some former investigators and have some upcoming appointments! While I was on exchanges with Elder Vance we actually tracted into a lady named Amy who invited us back for the next day. Elder Stainback and I went and talked to her and she was so solid! She had been reading from the Book of Mormon already and knew it was true and she believed in Joseph Smiths vision and when we invited her to be baptized(Oct 20th) she quickly understood the concept of the priesthood and authority! It was pretty amazing actually.
This week we have made great progress with Rachel Lopez, . She and her grand kids Anthony and Janessa came to church on Sunday and loved it! We are watching a session of general Conference with her this next week! It is going to be great! I remember when I first met Rachel. She was very dark and weighed down and unhappy! I wish you could have met her back then to be able to see the huge change that has taken place in her heart and countenance! She is so much happier and she is so much fun! She is always cracking jokes with us and laughing! It is amazing to see the Lord work miracles in her! I am so thankful to be a part of it. She is set to be baptized on the 20th of October but needs to overcome smoking.
Another of our investigators, Selia, just committed to a Baptismal date on Nov. 9th! She has made a lot of progress and if she gets an answer to her prayers about the Book of Mormon and the Church she agreed to be baptized! She is the coolest lady ever and I love her so much! We love being able to teach her and her family! It was so sweet to hear her finally accept and start to work towards a date! She said she would really try to read the scriptures and pray everyday.
Elder Stainback is a great trainer with a lot of knowledge about how to react to certain situations and although I sometimes at first don't agree with what he does he USUALLY knows what he is doing... I'm just kidding, he is a great missionary and companion! I love working with him.
This week has been great and I am very much looking forward to General Conference! It is a great blessing to be guided by a living prophet! This week one of our companionship goals is to tell everyone we know about General Conference and when it is! I hope you guys are pumped for conference! No SLEEPING!
I love you and miss you guys so much. Thanks for your letters and love and support! have a great week! eat some biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls for me!

-Love Elder Nelson

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