Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23rd, 2012

Hey family! Sorry this email is late! Just like last transfer the P-days are off and so my email day is today! But i wasn't able to get it done in the morning because Elder Stainback was packing and we had to do laundry and other things because he is getting transferred! Yep the big news this week is that I will be training a new missionary! Crazy right!? We just finished a meeting with President Alba and all the other trainers and now we have some time to kill before we meet with the new missionaries and have dinner and another devotional! SO this day has been different! I said goodbye to elder Stainback. He was a great companion and friend and I will miss him but I am so excited for the opportunity to train and to be able to work with a different companion! It is going to be so fun!

Right now my companion until tomorrow is Elder Garity. he is a cool guy! We will probably be able to get out and go see some people tonight so it will be like an exchange.

Also other big news is that I got a bike! The sixty bucks that I withdrew from my account was for a bike! One of the members here, Brother Ginn, offered to pay for a tune up on Elder Stainback's bike(he was originally going to let me have it) So I took it in to get it fixed up and the guy told me that it was basically trashed. It was a Posterity bike so his trainer had used it and his trainers trainer had used it, and it was a mess. It would have cost 300 bucks to get it fixed up to being decent. So I called Bro. Ginn and he told me to let him talk to the guy and them he asked the questions and they talked and they came to a deal for me to buy a used bike that they rented out for 190. And it was a nice bike. It will last me forever. And so we did it it and I told him I could just pay for the whole thing but he said I would be denying him blessings and so I was able to pay for some. I paid 60. Sweet eh? Bro. Ginn is the man!! I love the members here they take such good care of us elders! The people loved elder stainback though so I will have to do some work and keep the reputation up! I am so excited to lead out the area though! Also as a side note to the bike story I was in much need of a bike because Elder Stainback has been driving us into the ground and we are basically out of miles. My Greenie is going to hate me ha we will be on bike for his first week!!

I have had a great two transfers here with Elder Stainback! But I don't have a lot of time to email so forgive my short note! I just wanted to let you know that cool stuff is happening here and I am excited! I look forward to getting your letters and hearing about how you are all doing! I got the news that Greg got the job in Hawaii! Pretty sweet! They are punks!

I haven't heard from liesel or dan in awhile so i hope they are doing good! Mom and dad I love you! Stew you are the man! Keep on, keeping on and prepare for your mish! It is seriously the best thing ever! Have a great week!

-Elder Nelson

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