Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th, 2012

Hello family! I hope everything is going well and that you enjoyed conference!
This was a really wonderful week! With conference looming it sure went by faster than usual but it was great!
I loved Conference! I was able to receive a lot of personal guidance and revelation throughout and the spirit was very strong. I took what notes I could but I look forward to being able to read and study the talks when they come out in the ensign. We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles on the earth guiding our church! When President Monson made the announcement about young men and women being able to serve at earlier ages amidst the surprise of the announcement the spirit was manifest and I knew that it was something the Lord had revealed to the prophet and his apostles. I am excited for the future of missionary work! I think we will see many more sisters choosing to serve especially!
After thinking about that announcement for awhile and talking about it with other elders I have had some thoughts about this great work that we are involved in. Someone told me that in the press conference afterwards that one of the reporters asked about how it would affect the sports teams.. I dont know what the answer was but I just thought about how silly of a question that is! While sports have their value and are of good report and praiseworthy the work of the Lord will not be influenced by things such as athletics! I guess what i was impressed with were the thoughts that this is the Lords work and there is nothing as important as sharing and living the Gospel! I have felt in the past few months many of my former passions and priorities shifting and changing as I become more converted and invested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his work!
Elder Stainback and I have continued to develop our companionship and become better missionaries. I am very thankful for him and for the things that he has taught and continues to teach me.
We have had continued success with our investigators! Rachel Lopez had us over for some food and a session of conference! I think she slept through a few talks but she had some things to say afterwards about what she did hear so it was good to know that she learned and got something out of it! Her grandkids watched it with us as well so that was great! Rachel is also doing her best to live the word of wisdom and to give up smoking so that she can be baptized on Oct. 20th! She is really wanting to be baptized! Another of our investigators (who we just recently picked back up), David Lal, came to the priesthood session and we are meeting with him on Tuesday to see what he thought! He said he liked it afterwards!
Selia Fox is continuing to progress for her baptismal date! She has a lot of little issues and concerns but they will all go away when she gets an answer to her prayers about the Book of Mormon. She has been reading and praying and we do our best to help her along this path! We have been talking to her about setting a marriage date along with her baptismal date so that she can begin to live the Law of Chastity!
Other than that things are going well! The area is good and the ward is great! We have been doing lots of finding and although we haven't been to successful in that aspect we have been blessed with people to teach in other ways!
I am looking forward to another week and Im excited to get to work especially after conference! There were some really great talks that got me pumped up and motivated to want to get out and share the Gospel! I know this church is true and I am so excited to be a part of this work!
Stew better start preparing for the mission field eh? What did you guys think about that announcment? I think it is sweet!

well thats about it... I love you guys! ... Its a half Pday.. because we are going to the temple on the 11th.  I am excited.
Love Elder Nelson

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