Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20th 2012

Hello family.  

So it has been a good week. Its too bad you didnt watch Monsons birthday party thing cause it was really sweet. And guess what. One of the songs they sang was from phantom of the opera! I freaked out inside and was taken back to the drama ,mystique and utter frustration at watching the movie. I wanted to talk to someone but no one would have understood excpet for my dear mother. So that was fun. Thats really weird that you are starting school already. On aug 15th 5 days ago I wrote in my journal about how one year ago from that day i was in Bartow for my first day of college. That was a crazy time eh? I cant belive how far away that seems already. Lets see what has happened this week, We are teaching harley and he is trying so hard to quit smoking for his baptism THIS saturday, and we are pretty sure that even if he doesnt make it we are going to baptize him because he has the desire and is doing his best. It has been a pretty funny couple of sundays! There is this family here, the Hardisty fam, that are moving and have been here a long time and have been really prominent strong members. So everyone is devastated.. oh man. So Elder stain back loves this famiy as well and i have been teasing him about how he is a missionary for the church of shane hardesty. and preaches the gospel of shane, its pretty funny, more so for me than you im sure! So elder stainback and i continue to become better friends as we find out more things that we both have in common. This week we discovered our taste in music and movies is EXACTLY the same. Like almost to a tee. He reminds me of stew sometimes because the only thing he lives off of is hot dogs and soda. Especially since he is out of money for the month! He is a good trainer though and I am continuing to realize how much i have to work on and how much i have progressed. We reaped the rewards of our finding last week and lots of our potentials blew us off so this week is looking like its going to be another week of finding people to teach. Hopefully we get in touch with them and are able to set up some appointments. I printed off some pictures that i will send to you guys! .  This week really was a blur i am having a tough time remembering everything that has happened. We taught a family this week with a crazy neighbor that tries to record our conversation and reports our license plate number to like the cops or something! we were outside talking to the dad and the lady came out on the phone walked up behind our car and read off our license plate then walked back in staring at us! haha it was crazy! well I need to write the pres. before my hour is up. I love you guys! Good luck with school stewart!  This year is supposed to be awesome so enjoy it! Live it up! Soon youll be  in a suit teaching the gospel!! Well adios! I love you all!

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