Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th, 2013

Dear family! Happy Valentines day! I love you all so much! How are you all doing? It was great to get your letters this week! Well just so you all know, transfers is coming up already.  Can you believe that.  This coming Friday we will all know what happening.  I think that is crazy!
OH before i forget my companion basically just got dear johned..poor guy! He just sent her a valentines package too! It wasnt much though so that is good!
Mom I dont know how much is on my card but i need to send a large package with a bunch of pictures and posters and other things home but i never know how much I have on my card so make sure there is enough! It will probably be close to 15 bucks.maybe more. it is pretty heavy! but it has all my pictures from the past four transfers plus the MTC along with writing on the back of them. There is a short note on what to do with all the stuff included in the package! Please take care of it and dont let any of the stuff be ruined! Especially the paintings! :) Also I have to tell you something pretty amazing!! Last monday I went to print off pictures because I had almost lost the memory card. So I printed them off. then, guess what happened? yep I lost the card!!! With all the pictures! I was so mad!! Luckily, I have printed them all printed off and i have them all on Cds as added back up :) so they were not lost :) I felt very blessed! I knew threre was a reason for my putting them all on CDs!
This week was pretty lame... All of our investigators were sick so we didn't get to see any of them. We did some less active work at the request of the bishop though and we had some great powerful lessons with people! I love going to visit less actives because usually they have been in the church for awhile and they know exactly what it means when missionaries come over!! It is easy to be bold with them and pretty much just ask "why arent you coming to church??" It is good fun!!
Elder Bulow and I are doing good! He is a great guy and companion and missionary! I feel though that he does not fully understand the principle of obedience. He is always justifying little things and looking for loopholes in rules and standards and talks about how "inconvenient" the rules make things etc.. etc... His negativity about the rules has been weighing on me. Because I always feel like I should try and explain the rules he has problems with but he just tries to come up with another explanation or loophole. Plus some of the things that I feel I should try to explain are just so plain and straightforward that it is very annoying that he even tries to justify it! Anyways, other than that, which I would label as mostly just negativity, he is a great missionary and he tries to be obedient even if he doesn't understand why.... welp I am sorry this is so short! I gotta run!!  Alright that is all! I love you!!

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