Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18th, 2013

Hello my wonderful family!! It was so great to get your letters this week!! I have the Transfer news.... I am getting shipped out! They moved me to brush creek down in santa Rosa as the New Assistant to the President!! SO I will be driving down on tuesday!! Okay that isnt true at all haha I have actually been transferred to Ukiah 2nd! That is a little North of where I am I believe! My new Address is 582 North State Street Apartment D Ukiah, CA 95482. So you can send your letters that way!
Isn't that crazy that I am getting transferred? I feel Like i just barely arrived here in woodland! And now I am leaving again! These past two transfers have gone by so fast!! I have been out over seven months! I remember when I first arrived in Santa Rosa I was talking to an Elder that had been out about seven months..I was thinking in my head that that was such a long time!!...And now hear I am! 7 months out! It is NUTS! Anyways, I am pretty sad to leave woodland. We have a couple of people that I have grown really close to and that I love so much! I will mostly miss Courtney I think. She came to church this week!! It was so awesome! She was dressed up and everything and she even brought her little boy Landon who is so cute!! We sat by her and it was a little bit funny because she was so stressed out about every little thing that her son would do!! She doesn't realize that she isn;'t the only one with a wild little boy running around the pews making noise! Nor has she learned the art of bringing the right kind of toys and snacks to keep the kids quiet! It was so funny! There is a family named the -------- that have the WILDEST kids in the ward by far. We need to sit behind them next week. well she needs to. This week we sat behind the Lindsays and they have six kids and three of them are perfectly behaved and very cute girls, two of them were boys that were coloroing quietly most of the time or munching on snacks happily and the littlest one is a younger gilr that also was perfectly behaved almost the entire time! It was so funny! I love the Lindsays! But that didnt build courtneys confidence!! Of course kids will never learn how to behave in church if they never come to church so her and Landon will both learn! But back to the Lindsays, They are my favorite family here in woodland!! Their kids are so fun and nice! And brother and sister lindsay are awesome and way fun to talk to too! It felt like we were a part of the family when we went over for dinner! Those are the best dinners! I took some pics with them on sunday and they are awesome! So i will send those home soon! Alos I got a great pic with courtney and her son at church!! I really havent taken to many pictures this transfer now that i think about it! oh well...
I packed up all the food you sent me mom dont worry!!. OH jeez I forgot to tell you that I am on bike!!!
Anyways, I love you guys so much! Sorry this is short! Talk to to you soon!
Love Elder Nelson

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