Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 23rd, 2013

Sent this to a friend and got caught up in what i said and it turned into a decent letter so I thought I would send to you as well! 

Everyone always asks me if I miss Utah and i always say Not one bit!! I don't miss the snow or the cold at all! The weather has been really nice here, it gets cold at night but not too bad. It doesn't feel like Christmas really because there is no snow and we have been so busy that it has just snuck up on us. Two days till Christmas say what?? I don't even know where this last month went. I am glad you were able to come home for Christmas. If there is something I have learned on my mission both from being here and from understanding the gospel, it is that Family is everything! 
    My companion is the bomb. we were in the MTC together and now we are both Zone leaders and companions so we are just doing work. It has been great! We are quite different but we make it work and it is fun! 
    I am doing great and I am just so thankful for all that God has given me. On this last Thursday we had our all mission Christmas devotional/PARTY in Santa Rosa. It was a fun day but I had a really spiritual experience. Before everything got started and we were waiting for everyone to get there we had time to just walk around and mingle and talk and and stuff (250+ missionaries in one church! it was packed!) I was able to see many of my old companions and talk to them along with  many of the friends I have made and served with and around over the past 17ish months. I was also able to meet new missionaries and get to know them. after a while of this I sat down in the chapel for our devotional. As I sat there I just felt so full of love and joy and felt the spirit very strongly!! It hit me then How BLESSED I am and have been on my mission to come to know all of these amazing elders and sisters and to work alongside with them and grow with them and to help them and train them  and watch them grow as well! I have made eternal friends here. and it is just the best. Simply the best time of my life. It was a sweet experience. I am so thankful for this time i have to serve and for the people i have served with! I know it was no accident that we are all here together at this time! I LOVE my mission. I love the Savior and my Heavenly Father. I Love my family and friends. I love Christmas and the spirit that is upon the earth during these weeks. IT is truly the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes. 
Anyways, in this spirit of love I now need to go ball up all of the young elders in our zone! peace! 
Love Elder Nelson! 

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