Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

Dear family,
      I just have to say once more that hoopa is still booming. We went out there on Tuesday and did work! We set another baptismal date! Three of our eight dates our in hoopa! So things are going really good! It was cool on Tuesday when we were at a less actives house teaching them towards the end one of their friends came over and the member asked her if she wanted to know more about the church and she said yes! So we set up a time to go see her next week! It was great. Next thing that happened is that we went to visit another non member to teach him that we found through sacrament and when we got there one of his daughters who is a less active member was there at his house! They were busy but we talked and when we left we asked for referrals. They have us two more names to contact! Plus the guy, bro Marshall who is not a member said next time we come we would sit down and talk about who we could teach!! Haha it's just crazy. God is placing people in our path left Nd right!
      This week is going to be NUTS! Today elder Cartwright and I are driving up to crescent city to exchange with the elder up there so we will be staying for three days and going with each companionship! On the way up we are going to spend our p day fishing ;) im going to catch a massive salmon! Then we will exchange and sleep up there from Monday to Thursday. On Thursday our companions will be coming up with a member and picking us up in crescent city and we will be going to the Medford Oregon temple! So that will, be really fun! I can't wait to be in the temple. After that we will come back and drive home. Friday we will be in our own areas for a few hours until about 5:00 when we have to drive down to Santa Rosa for missionary leadership council the next morning on Saturday. We will be there all day and staying the night because president doesn't want us to drive through the night to get back. So we will be driving back home on Sunday! So I won't be in my area all week basically. I think scalese will be able to handle it though. I have been letting him lead out the whole last week and he will do a good job..I hope hAha. So it is going to be a fun last week of this transfer.
       On that note, onn the way to the temple there is this place where you can buy beef jerky in Oregon that is AMAZING. Best jerky I have ever had in my life. I plan on buying a good amount....sooooo if you can hook me up with some funds that would be great....otherwise I'll be starving all transfer because my money will have been spent on jerky haha. Not just any jerky though.the best jerky in the world! Maybe I'll send you some so you can try it!
       I really really hope I stay here. I don't want to get transferred at all. I'll be quite angry if I do get transferred actually. I love this place! And the work is going awesome! And I don't want to get transferred before Christmas again....that would be lame. So I'm nervous about that. I really have no idea what is going to happen. Plus I just love this area. I am really emotionally tied. It is like Clearlake except amplified. We didn't have much when I came in. Zero baptismal dates nothing going with the ward. Now we have 9 dates spread over December and January and the ward is really getting involved  through bringing friends to church and giving us referrals. I have come to LOVE the people here so much. I think having elder Cartwright as my zl comp plays a role because we are like long lost brothers and best friends,an d that has made a huge difference. Huge. I love him. But also the member here are so fantastic and I have built such a strong spiritual relationship with them as We have taught their friends with them in their homes. It has been wonderful. So I already foresee leaving here will be so hard. I want to stay so bad. But with how things are playing out in our zone I think I will be leaving. The miracle will be that I stay in the same apt and area but just get transfered over to be with elder Cartwright for a transfer in the YSA branch haha. It will be interesting. So yeah I felt like telling you about that. It is especially heart wrenching because I will, be gone basically the whole last week of this transfer like I said earlier. And I might miss church. So if I leave I won't be able to see very many peeps. Sad. So anyways, I'm very attached. I could spend the rest of my mission here. I think also it is due in part to my maturity as a missionary and realizing how time is flying by. I only have probably two more areas after this before it's over. I don't like thinking about that at all. So I'm moving on.
         So thanksgiving was pretty sweet. Much better than last year! We played some football in the morning with some of the missionaries and a few members. My team tore it up!
         After the games we chilled at the apartment for a little bit and changed and then we went out to go eat dinner! We ate with the Lindsay family and two of our investigators! Quinton and Kelsey! It was super fun! I ate waaay too much! But it is okay. Something I have learned is that your weight depends on how you eat most of the time. Like 80% probably. Maybe more. But one day will never kill you, nor will one piece of pie! But when you eat pie everyday you have a problem. So I had a piece of my favorite, pecan pie.
        It was an interesting day a little bit because before we had left for dinner at the Lindsay's elder Cartwrights companion had what seemed to be a ridiculous breakdown and was in pain. (Like Stewart, low pain tolerance, so when he is in pain it seems obnoxious!) so we left and elder Cartwright said he would call if we needed to switch so he could go to his dinner. But it turns out he was really sick because he threw up and so we had to leave our dinner and come exchange with elder Cartwright so him and I went to his thanksgiving dinner at his investigator sky tinseths house. If you remember sky is the investigator that I found online and that is really solid!! So we went over and met her whole family and all her friends and one of the families from our ward was there. It was a huge party. I wish I would have got some pictures. But it was super fun. We had a good time.
       All in all it was a super sweet thanksgiving except for the fact that I ate way to much and I felt horrible! I weighed this morning though and I'm down to 202.6 so I finally have bounced back after three days. And I will tell you what, I am so sick of turkey and thanksgiving food! And mom no one makes as good of food as you. Seriously you need to start a restaurant and a cookbook and you would be a millionaire haha sound familiar? One of dad's schemes.
       So before I forget, yes the hoopa sacrament is once a month and the rest of the time there is just no church for the hoopa peeps unless they come to mckinleyville which is an hour and a half drive and no one can afford gas out there or is too lazy to drive. So it is tough I wish we had it every week out there but we don't yet. But Soon. If they get 30+ people every months for another month or two I bet they will seriously start thinking about getting a branch going! That would be sweet!
      Well that is all for me. This week will be really fun! I'm looking forward to it. We have a meeting like I said this Saturday with a general authority who is going to teach us about our new family history pilot program! I'll have a lot to tell you about! We'll I love you and I missed you over thanksgiving!  Have a great week!!
Love Elder Nelson
P.s. for pday this morning elder cartwright and I used two day passes to HealthSport which is Gym and we went and played raquetball and Lifted weights and played basketball with a bunch of cool guys one of them being our stake president! ha ait was AWESOME. Seriously, best Pday ever. Working out in the morning is never going to be the same again now. I have been ruined! I miss the weight room!!!! Great day. Off to Crescent City!! 

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