Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th, 2014

Dearest family!
I hope your week was great! The niners lost on Sunday so
everyone is ticked here. Haha kinda funny. Too bad they didn't win.
People would have been going nuts! It was really fun here when the
giants won the world series. But I guess now all the Mormon niners
fans can keep the sabbath more holy by not watching the super bowl ,
and maybe just maybe they will go do their home teaching instead?? One
can always hope.
We got are transfer information! The whole zone is pretty much
changing! I will be staying here in Vacaville and getting a new
companion and Elder Boswell will be leaving! My new companion will be
elder Wride! Interesting enough he was in the MTC with me as well and
we came out together! Most of the elders who came out with me are in
leadership so if I serve with more of them I wouldn't be surprised.
But it should be good!
My MTC companion is coming here to Vacaville as well and I am
very excited about that! We have been waiting to serve together our
whole missions, so even though we aren't together at least we are in
the same zone and will see each other a ton. It should be a really fun
This week we finally had this girl named  Bryanna come to
church! She is a less active and we have been working with her. She is
in a bad place with addictions and living with a loser boyfriend. It
was so cool to see her finally come to church and feel the spirit. She
needed it. We got her an appointment with the bishop and an
appointment for us to teach her at the church.
So for the second time ever I should tell you that I am
emailing you from this very comfortable couch in a members home on my
iPad. Pretty cool eh? Myldsmail account is linked to my iPad now so
emailing is going to be totally awesome from now on because we will be
able to stay at the members houses where we do laundry and not run
back and forth all day! We can knock it all out at one time!! Laundry
and emails the two biggest time factors done by 11:00!!! So sweet.
Except today will be boring because we are supposed to deep clean our
apt. And Boswell has to pack. No sports allowed. Lame right? That's
two pdays a transfer we lose now!! I need my pdays haha.
Thank you so much for all the birthday stuff! It was great!
Not much happened here for the bday. Pretty normal. We didn't
have a celebration or anything. Well, I did go to hometown buffet for
lunch and splurged a little and I also got a free vanilla bean frapp
(no coffee) (they are MY FAVORITE) from Starbucks and that was great I
hadn't had one since I was with elder Borland in Shiloh park my first
area!! So that was good!
Let's see what else.... On Sunday we taught in primary and they
sang happy birthday to me so I got to stand up front with a cupcake
mask thing and dance for the primary haha it was ridiculous. Ill send
the video if I can and some pics! They are on my iPad so I can do that
:) I know I haven't sent any pics. Been slacking and don't want to
spend the money! Too much other stuff to buy!
February is coming up. The first picture is
The Kaai girls at dinner. I got a good workout in!I got distracted from my writing to send pics haha I love you and
thanks again for the birthday package and letter and shirt! It made my
day! I love you all!

Elder Nelson

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