Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th, 2014

Dear familia,
It has been a great week! I can't believe how fast the time
goes. Each week feels like two seconds.....I wake up and then go to bed in
what seems like a few minutes hhaha. It is no wonder that there is a
whole chapter on using time wisely in PMG! You gotta make it count!
So we had transfers and what not this week. Elder wride is
pretty awesome. He is a quiet guy but we have made a good connection I
think. He was in the MTC with me as well and so interestingly enough
we are at A similar place in our missions. Similar goals concerns and
challenges that is. As well similar views and opinions on the work and
what needs to be done. So we are already getting along pretty well! We
should be able to get good things going!
I don't think I mentioned that elder wride actually served
here in Vacaville once already! He was in second ward a year ago and
now he is in first ward so he has been a little tripped out being back
and seeing people and places he has been before. It is weird how much
like home your old areas feel like. You just love the people and the
places so much that coming back feels like coming home from a long
trip. And he isn't just visiting he is serving here again so I can
imagine that that is a weird feeling! He is excited though and happy
to be here. He is from Ogden Utah.
Transfer week is always slow, Monday is transfer pday so
packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye. Tuesday is a normal day but
some time is also spent saying goodbye. Then Wednesday is transfers so
driving and picking up people and dropping off and then transfer
meeting and then transferring luggage and driving and picking up and
dropping off and yeah it's a stressful day because we have to plan out
the ride situation and figure out how to get everyone where they need
to go with their luggage and bikes. It went good though. We had to
stop in Fairfield and Vallejo to pick up and drop off.
So super funny story. On the way back from transfers we stopped
in Vallejo to pick up an elder coming to our zone. We parked on the
side of the road and loaded him up in our van. Then when we were
leaving the elders who were following us to vacaville turned out in
front of some guy and got hit on the front left side! Even funnier is
that Elder Blackhurst from Gville was driving the car!! Haha so that
was quite the situation. The elders in the car had no clue what to do
haha. I can now say that I know how to use the packet in the glove
compartment that says, "what to do when you have an accident packet."
Haha the guy who hit them was super nice and everything was taken care
of pretty quickly and the car was still driveable. So we made it back
to Vacaville but not till later. Haha it was an interesting
experience! I will attatch some pictures of
the the poor carolla.
So we had a pretty cool miracle this weekend there is a family
here named the Gregstons that everyone in the church knows because a
while back they were about to baptized. They had been interviewed and
everything all they needed to do was get dunked but on the day before
the baptism someone in their family died and the baptism was postponed
and they fell off the map after that. I have previously talked to them
once or twice but just on the doorstep. But this Saturday we went by
and it just so happened that they were home they let us in we talked
for a good ten minutes and we set up an appointment with them on
Tuesday! It was so sweet! Everyone in the ward is all excited about
it! They said when we talked to them that they have missed studying
and have felt a difference in their lives and want to start up again!
So that is the big news that we were able to make that contact.
We also had a member text us on Sunday night and ask us if we
could be at his home on Thursday night to teach his friend the first
lesson! That was an awesome surprise!! So a couple of great things
happened this week with more great things to come! It should be an
exciting week!
Also, in our zone is an Elder Sommers? He said he knew
Stewart from yeah....pretty crazy. Anyways I love you!
Love elder Nelson

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