Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th, 2014

Hello my wonderful parent and Family,

We have been crazy blessed this week. We had a lot of appointment's
fall through so we weren't as involved with members this week like we
were the past weeks but we had some great lessons with our people.
Aaaaand we found the elect!!!! We went over to see a potential this
week named Craig. Elder Boswell and I had tracked into him. I may have
told you about him because when we first met him he looked like the
walking dead haha. When he answered the door he could barely stand and
at one point his eyes rolled back into his head he almost fell was nuts. I thought we were going to have to call 911 and
do CPR or something. But he didn't fall and he didn't want help but
just said he was sick so he said come another time. So here we are
coming another time and I think we saw him on Tuesday and we talked
briefly and he said to come back the next day at noon which was
Wednesday. Wait! Just kidding we went over on valentines day. So we
went over at noon and he was there and we went in and had an awesome
first lesson. We didnt teach the restoration but he told us a lot
about his life and what he has been through and he told us his
religious background. He has a copy of the Book of Mormon and he also
has read it before and has family that are members. But we did a lot
of listening and then as directed by the spirit we did HTBT chapter 10
PMG dad ;) the bullets are the best. As we testified that his life
would improve and that his guilt and shame would be relieved he
started to cry...he said he has felt burdened for a long time and all
he wants is to be forgiven for his sins. Well how do we fully access
the atonement? Through living the gospel and being baptized!! It is
the best feeling ever to be prompted by the spirit to invite someone
to partake of the greatest gift in this life, the atonement, by being
baptized by proper authority. He readily accepted a date in March!!!
It was an awesome lesson. He is such a sweet guy. Unfortunately he
didn't come to I know what your thinking haha I thought
the same thing but that's bull. Don't let doubts into your mind! Me
and elder wride made a pact to never doubt anything ever again. Even
the smallest things. Anyways we called him before church and he said
he was super sick in bed and he told us to come over on Tuesday and
committed to church the next week without us asking him. So it's good.
I forgot to mention he has some sort of nasty health problems. Like in
his liver or kidneys or something and it's pretty hard on him. So that
will be a struggle, but through faith all things are possible.
So yes me and elder wride are pumped about him!! By the way just
want to let you know how much I love elder wride. He is so awesome. I
have never wanted to stay with a companion for 2 transfers more than
now so I have been praying that I will stay another transfer her in
Vacaville. We have so much fun and we are always on the same page. I'm
so thankful for him and that he is my companion.

Let's see, what else, we helped like three people spontaneously move
last week. I have thought about maybe going into that for a career,
moving business. I'm a professional! Gimme a couch and I'll get it
through the front door. Period! Haha.

I had a cool experience giving a blessing this week. Sis warnock in
our ward said she was hit in the gut by the spirit that she needed a
blessing but didn't know why. So she asked me to give her one and I
did, (I have given so many blessings these past two transfers haha)
and it is always powerful to experience what The Lord meant when he
said take no thought before hand what you should say, it will be given
to you in the moment when you need it. I had no clue what I was going
to say my mind was blank. She just simply said I need a blessing. So I
laid my hands on her head and opened my mouth and guess what!!! Words
came out!!!! But not my words. I don't even remember thinking the
words almost I just remember saying them. She was bawling after and
later told me that it was the most powerful blessing she has ever been
given. The words were very personal and meant for her. But like I
said, it wasn't me no credit for me I just opened my mouth. Another
classic example of being unprofitable haha he gives us the authority
and the wods and carries them with his spirit into the hearts and
minds of others. We are a vessel. All we do is stay worthy and open
our mouths. I was happy for the opportunity to use the priesthood. It
is always nice to have those confirmations from The Lord that you are
on the right track. (If you have the spirit with you you are usually
on the right track!) so I'm thankful for that.

Liesel and jenny! Thanks for your emails!! It is great to hear about
your awesome families and how hints are going. It has always been such
a great blessing to have you set the bar high for me in my life and
being great examples! When people ask me about my family and I tell
them about you both and that you have served and married well and in
the temple and have cute kids I always feel very grateful to have you
as my sisters. We are a truly blessed family I'd say. Time is sure
flying and it brings me soo much peace that I will have each of you
standing by My side no matter where I go in my life. Not many people
have a family like that these days. I can personally testify of that.
I see families divided and broken frequently. Usually due to some form
of disobedience to gods laws. I like nephi am grateful for goodly
parents and siblings who taught me and set the example for me to
follow.  I love you so much is
what I'm trying to say! I hit 19 months this last week. That's just

You are all the best! Thanks for everything!! Have a great week I look
forward to hearing from you!
I hope you enjoy my weakly letters ;)
Elder Nelson

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