Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey there. I didn't get any mail this week so perhaps I'll get some
later today! We had a pretty cool week. On Sunday our investigator
that we found named Craig came to church with his mom for the first
time!!! It was a much needed blessing!!! Elder wride and I were
talking this week about how hard it is to get people to come to
church. So, sometimes we feel like it would be just as effective to
bang our heads against a wall for several hours as it would be to to
do anything else! Just come to church people!!! But it was a sweet
Sunday having Craig their and his mom Marianne. They seemed to enjoy
it! The members did a great job fellowshipping them and that always
takes a lot of pressure off! We have great members.
It was pretty funny though, sacrament went 30 stinking minutes
over because the concluding speaker kept droning and elder
wride were ticked haha. Whenever we get new investigators at church
for the very first time in my mind I immediately put myself in their
shoes the best I can and try to experience things from their
perspective....when I do that it is so easy to pick out quickly things
that they probably don't understand at all and things that they will
probably take the wrong way...I wish members would remember to a point
that in sacrament meeting there is sometimes non members and that we
should clean up our talks a little bit with that in mind. Not that the
talks were bad by any means they were actually good but that's just
something I have seen on my mission....the lesson following an
investigators first experience at church is always scary! I have had
more than my share of people who get offended or very confused from
church...luckily most of the time they say they feel the spirit so
it's all good but yeah I was just thinking about that.
So sacrament was good. We set another baptismal date this week
with a lady named Veronica Chavez! She is very cool and we have been
talking to her seriously for a week or two now and she agreed to work
towards baptism! Pretty exciting. We passed off Andrew Morehead to 4th
ward this week so he is no longer our investigator but technically we
have 4 baptismal dates now so that's exciting.
Our temple trip was great! We saw the other new video!! It was
great! I think I like the other one better but they are both good!!!
It was quite the surprise when we got there and found out about
another new video!! It was like going to see Harry potter 7 part two
opening night at midnight for us haha gotta love being a missionary.
We are so weird.
Let's see, oh our meeting with p alba went good! He is a great
man doing his best to help 250+ 18-21 year olds stay motivated and
figure out how to be Successfull missionaries and hard workers...I
don't imagine that is an easy task.
Last night we went to visit a potential named Chris. As we
walked to his door there were three guys outside his door being
obnoxious and as we walked up they saw us and ran was
funny....then we found out the house they went into was the house we
had come to visit! So we knocked on the door and they didn't answer.
Chumps. But as we walked away to our car and opened our doors one of
the kids came running out of the apt complex with his shirt off
yelling "TRUFFLE SHUFFLE!!" Whilst simultaneously shaking his fat
rolls...haha it was funny. I yelled back at him "you need to hit the
gym bro!" His friends laughed. Then we drove away cause he ran back
inside. Good times!
Well flip did you know this is the last week of this transfer? I
can't even believe it. I really hope I stay here one more. I love
elder wride, he is the man. We have a lot of fun. Time has gone by so
quickly because we get along great and have fun and the work doesn't
feel like work because we have fun working. Plus I love the ward and
yeah I want to stay so we shall see. I don't imagine that I will
because that never seems to be what happens but oh well. We find out
Friday. It's all water under the bridge in a moment anyways, pretty
soon it'll be July. I have like 19 weeks left I think...and I haven't
been counting, it is just so close that counting it up is easy...three
transfers left plus this week. NUTS!!!!
So I don't know what the plan is for July when I get home but I
think I might need to go visit a family I got really close with in
eureka. The Floyd's! Blaire Floyd leaves on a mission like July 11th
or something so that would be cool to go back and hear her homecoming
and visit. We will see. That would be really fun!! Okay well that's
all for now!!
Have a great week! Love you!
Elder Nelson

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