Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 31st, 2012

Dear Family!!
I hope you are all doing well and that you are having a wonderful holiday!! Holidays on the mission sure are DIFFERENT. I have big plans for tonight though.. I talked our Zone leaders into letting us have a small celebration for new years! It will be sweet! We will be celebrating New York style.. (9:00pm) and then going to bed... Welch's sparkling grape juice, cookies and in bed by ten thirty...Sounds pretty crazy right?? HA!
Well Christmas was pretty sweet! I got a lot of cool stuff from the Ellis-Sherinian family that I think I told you about. I stuffed myself pretty much the whole week...Starting tomorrow for my new years Resolution I will be back on track.. Im sure you guys are doing the same!
Things are going well for me. I have really been trying to do my best to help elder Welch to be motivated and enthusiastic about the work and about being obedient. It is SLOW work. I just don't get it. But I have felt a lot of satisfaction come from knowing that I am doing all that I can to help him and it is his choice whether or not to change. "I can only teach him correct principles and let him govern himself" For the most part. I have taken away some of his agency.. Like getting up on time. If he isnt out of bed by six thirty I drag him out and throw of the covers singing..."wake up wake up you sleepy head, get up get up get out of bed" or "Rise and shine and give god your glory glory" Thank you for that MOM :)
That is really the news.. This week was a bit slow. Due to Christmas and new years there were a lot of people who were gone or busy and didn't want to have us over so we did not have good numbers at all this week. This week is probably the worst week that I have had so far on my mission number wise. So that was disappointing, but we did some good finding this week and we have seen the blessings come in the form of referrals and potentials and we picked up one new investigator this week! This area is now pretty much dead. Well I shouldn't say that because things are happening here but we have been in a tough spot as we have seen our two most solid investigators get baptized, which is great! But we also had two investigators drop us and the other that we had we had to drop because we haven't seen them or heard from them in five weeks. So after all that, we have been left with one investigator who is not progressing. His name is Robert and he needs to marry his girlfriend and stop drinking and smoking. He loves the church though and would be baptized if not for the stumbling blocks in his way. We haven't seen any progress made though. So we have a whole lot of finding to do and it is going to be great!! It will be good for elder Welch to get out and do an increased amount of finding!
We are going to the temple on New years day!! Pretty sweet eh? The sacramento temple!! It will be so good.. One of the first sessions of the new year!
Well...That is all I have to say....I love you guys and it was so good to talk to you all on christmas! It was so refreshing and I have felt very much re invested in the work here! Thanky ou for all the packages and cards! I got more than I thought I would! It was great! Have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you all again!!
Love Elder Nelson

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