Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan. 7th, 2012

I really enjoyed your letter this week and I am very much looking forward to the new standards that we will be getting on Monday at zone meeting! I have truly felt a division in the mission and in areas and companionships because of differences in opinion on rules. There has been much Justification of the white handbook. These new standards will not only raise the bar but it will unite companionships, districts, zones, and the mission in our purpose and in our effort to be obedient. I look forward to the changes and will strive my very best to embrace them and live them and help other do the same!
I feel very excited at this moment to report back to you about Elder -----! I have really seen some huge improvement in the past few days! There has been a change taking place inside in him and I am so thankful for the direction of the spirit as I have done my best to help him to grow and to "Experience a mighty change." During our weekly planning we had a great Companionship Inventory! As we talked I felt the spirit directing my words and I don't even remember most of what I said because it was not me that was speaking! But I saw in his eyes that he knew who was speaking and since then and because of the effort I have put into trying to help him along with the Zone Leaders, he has made some great steps. His enthusiasm is much much better as well as his desire to work and to go finding and to lead out! In our planning he is actively involved and is giving input and in his studies he is actually learning and asking me questions to help his understanding... it is GREAT! Already I feel a huge shift in the feeling between us and an added measure of the spirit! It is a very awesome experience. I am very excited for this week!
In order to help him progress this week I have also given him the wheel! He is in charge of everything this week and I of course will be there to help support and correct and guide him but he ultimately will be in charge and leading out every lesson and finding opportunity and in planning and in everything else we are involved in. He is excited at the opportunity to lead but to be able to make mistakes knowing that I will be able to help him when he does!
As for Elder-------l and Elder -----, That is a tough situation. Their area is dead and I don't think it has anything to do with the area. Elder----- is not an easy companion and Elder ----- is doing his best to love him and work hard. I went on an exchange with Elder ----- and he expressed to me some of the complications in working with him. One is that he slows down the work due to the fact that his knee is always bothering him and that they are having to walk, and two is that When they get teaching opportunities, Elder ----- is not teaching but getting way off topic and talking about things that missionaries should never be talking about with investigators. Elder -----l is still figuring out how to deal with those situations, he just doesn't really know how. I gave him what advice I could and told him to continue to pray for and love Elder ----- and to continue to do his best to accomplish his purpose as a missionary. If you have any advice on helping Elder ----- I would love to hear it! I will be exchanging with him this week and I am hoping I can help him in some way!
It has been a great experience being a District Leader! I am still so happy that I had this position to be able to help and serve in a greater capacity! I made a lot of mistakes and I am still figuring out how to actually be an effective district leader, but I am so thankful for the opportunity and for the things that I learned!
In regards to the
Red paragraph mentioned above that is about some exciting changes taking place in the mission! Due to recent circumstances and many missionaries taking advantage of a new president and  of the rules there are going to be a lot of new rules and standards set on tuesday at zone meeting! I am pumped!! It will be such a great thing for this mission. I have really felt like a heaviness about me or weight on my shoulders as I have had to deal with many obedience issues in my district and comanionship and with other companionships. This really will help the mission so much. As long as the missionaries rally behind the new rules. As leaders, in district leader meeting we talked alot about being bold in our correction and in embracing all the new changes 100%. The zone leaders said that there will be some big changes. We are getting the Law of (Moses)Alba! At this time our mission cant handle the spirit of the law. It is obedience or be stoned. haha!
Alright well that is about all for me! I love you! Have a great week! I cant wait to hear from you! I always get excited come friday or saturday cause I always know I will have a letter from you and dad :) Love ya!
-Elder Nelson

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