Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15th, 2013 Happy Birthday Andrew

Dear Family,
It has been a wonderful week! Last Saturday we had an amazing lesson with Courtney Gonzalez! She was a media Referral that we were able to contact and set up an appointment with! She might be one of the most GOLDEN people I have ever talked to! She has no religious background so it was a very new challenge to teach the gospel in a very childlike way so that she could follow and understand what we we were teaching her! Luckily she is a very active learner and had lots of good questions! She wanted to learn about the Book of Mormon initially so we started her with that! We Went through the introduction and a little bit of 1st Nephi but we didn't have time to read with her much because she asked so many questions about what we read in the introduction! It was awesome! She is a seeker of truth! I am so excited to teach her more!
The work is going great in this area! It still has a ways to go but it is really picking up here the past couple of days! As we have spent more time finding and praying for faith and to be led to seekers of truth, we have been blessed with people to teach through many different sources.
My time with Elder Welch has come to an end and I hope and pray that he will continue to build off of the foundation that we built together and that he will find in himself the motivation and drive to be better. He is being transferred to Ukiah- Willits and I will be staying here in Woodland as a District Leader with a new companion! Elder Welch has great potential! That is something I saw in him from the beginning. I should have been a little easier on him but I knew that if I was easy then he wouldn't move toward reaching his potential. I am thankful for the . Best food I have ever eaten. The steak was absolutely perfect. He bought us A nice apetizer and obviously our main meals and then dessert as well. Want to guess how much my plate cost?? Go ahead guess! It was $30.99. Can you believe that?? When Elder Welch and I sat down and saw the prices we both looked at each other with horror! We told him we could not eat there. But...he told us not to worthings that he taught me and for the many things I learned, but I am very much looking forward to meeting my new companion tonight! I don't know much about him at all except for his name so it will be fun! His name is Elder Beaulow...Beau as in Beautiful.. Im pretty sure that is how you say it..but not how you spell it so sit tight on that one!
I am excited to be a district leader again and to apply and improve on the things that I learned last transfer! I feel unqualified to lead but I know that the lord will qualify us in our weakness to be able to meet the demands placed upon us by his call as we seek and desire it.
So Some interesting news for you! This next transfer is only going to be 5 weeks long! That is because of the shortening of the time that missionaries stay in the MTC. SO in order for our transfer schedule to be on the same page as their transfer schedule, Im pretty sure all missions around the world are having a five week transfer. The thing about that is that we don't get that week back. So I will be coming home a week earlier. I guess ill have to extend so that I can have that week and more back! It was pretty funny, the other day one of the members here was telling us about her niece that was on a mission and when she found out that she was losing a week of her mission she FREAKED. She wrote like half of her letter home about how she couldnt believe that the church would do this to her and all this stuff! I thought it was pretty funny. Some missionaries are way to wound up and need to relax. It's pretty crazy!
     Last week We ate with the stonebrakers on tuesday and they thought it was my birthday so they bought me a big cake! Then told them it was next week! It was pretty funny! So I had an early Birthday party!
Also last week we had a Zone meeting and we got a bunch of New Rules and Standards, President Alba Style! One of them was that we cant listen to anything except Mormon Tabernacle Choir...Isn't that horrible?? I think it is horrible. I am already sick of them! So I have a request for Liesel and Dan and Jenny and greg. Can you burn me a CD or two with all the best Motab songs on them? Also they have to be spiritual, so no lion king or phantom or anything like that! Please and thank you!! It turns out that you have the spirit of prophecy mom and dad! Thanks for the called to serve CD! So yeah the captain is tightening his ship and I am excited for these rules. It will unify the mission as we all strive to be 100% obedient and renew all of our individual desires to follow the rules.
     Tell Grandma T that her card came on time!! And tell her thanks! She is so awesome.
So Last night on the 14th was Elder Welch's last night in woodland! For our dinner we were eating with J.R. gallagher who who elder welch baptized. So since elder welch was leaving and since it was my birthday tomorrow he took us out to eat...oh boy did he take us out. We went to Buckhorn Steakhouse up in Winters, it is a small town. But this Steakhouse is AMAZINGry about it..and he wouldnt leave...so...we ate..and ate...and ate some more... It was so good... I felt like i was robbing him the whole time...but hey.. he forced me to do it so I figured I might as well enjoy it! We very much did! Elder welch and I got the same thing. The Buckhorn Combo! It was ribs, Prawns and some steak wrapped in bacon with garlic potatoes and butternut squash and fried onions. Best spinach dip pf my life for the appetizer and Cheesecake for dessert. The tab was over 130 bucks. Istnt that crazy?? This guy is single though and has a really good job but still..take me to the dollar menu at McDonalds and Ill be happy! This food seriously was amazing though.
Well can you believe that I have been out 6 months? I cant! I think that's crazy! It feels like yesterday that I left the MTC! I am amazed at how much I have changed in this short amount of time. I m also amazed at all the many blessing I have received throughout my life as I have grown up and went through school. Isn't it amazing at how we meet certain people at certain places during certain periods of our life? Isn't it amazing at all the different impacts that people have on you as they pass through your life? I am amazed when I look back on the past five years at all the people that I have met and grown up with. The time I spent in Barstow Though short is already a very precious memory that means so much to me. My time in high school with all my friends.. How did it happen this way? There are no accidents. I don't believe that one bit. There is a master planner and as we are faithful and obedient he places people in our lives that will impact us in the way that we need to be impacted. Whether for a small moment or for many years or in one specific case, for eternity. I am so thankful for all of the many people that I have had the privilege of meeting and associating with! It makes me feel so humble at how things worked out. I am filled with love for my heavenly father and my savior as I reflect on how much I have been blessed! As I reflect on the people that I have grown close too. This church is the church of Jesus Christ Restored to the earth through a Living prophet. Jesus Christ does live And heavenly father does Love us so completly that we cannot even comprehend it. I am overwhelmed at the love Jesus and his father offer me every single day of my life. I know this gospel is true and I am especially thankful for all of my wonderful family members reading this letter! I love each of you So much! You mean everything to me and I owe who I am today to your loving guidance and support!! Thank you so much!
Have a great week! I love you!
Elder Nelson

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