Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th ,2013

We had a good week. When we went out to Hoopa we invited this awesome family to be baptized and set a date with them in December! It was an interesting invitation. It is amazing when you invite some one to be baptised,  no matter what you find out what concerns the person has and you then know pretty much what you need to teach and what commandments they need to be living. We found out that they aren't married, that one smokes and one is on some pain meds that make her not able to focus as much. Michelle, the girlfriend, is still married to another guy who got put into jail like a few days after they were married so tracking him down so they can get divorced is going to be a struggle. So for them to get baptized they have some mountains to climb. But I think they want it. I can tell they really want to change and be better for their family. They love church and the members and what we teach and they want to get baptized. But learning all that was interesting because as they told us these things I felt my faith falter. I started to doubt and feel sorrow because I thought they were much closer to baptism. Basically what I thought was, how will they be able to overcome all that! Not to mention tithing...that will test them. They are not wealthy. So I almost inside thought great  They won't make it. But then as I thought that the spirit chastened me and the thought came to my mind, "where is your faith?!" I then realized that even though there might be mountains to climb the purpose of this gospel is to help us climb them. I then came to understand that if this family really desires it and does their part that even though it will be hard, the spirit will testify to them and will strengthen their faith which well then enable them to make the necessary changes to bring their lives into harmony with gods will. It was a cool moment for me. I know the gospel is true and that it can change anyone if they let it. I know it can change Isaac and Michelle! With faith in jesus christ all things are possible! 
     Our zone is doing great! We are stacked with great elders and sisters. In our weekly call we hardly had to spend any time talking about the struggles of missionaries because everyone is doing great and working hard and doing their best!  
      We had a blitz here in Arcata this last Saturday. Every Saturday in the past  we have been blitzing a different area. So it was our area this time. Everyone came down except for crescent city and we blew up Arcata! We probably talked to over 200 people in two hours of work so it was pretty legit. We have a ton of potentials to go see now for both us and YSA so it was very successful! I think the thing I was most impressed with was that everyone was so excited and full of faith! I don't foresee our zone having trouble raising their expectations. But then again  blitz always is exciting and day after day in your own area can wear on you. So it is our hope that the fire and excitement that were present at our blitz is the same fire that is with everyone in their own areas! 
        So I have to tell you a little bit about Elder Cartwright. He is the man. He is My Zone Leader Companion and like the best friend of my life! We have so much fun and seriously the past two transfers would have stunk without him around. After we are seperated I dont know how i will be able to enjoy the rest of my mission! We have that much fun! It is the best. He is awesome. If I go to BYU I am living with him for sure! We are going to try and talk President into letting us serve together next transfer...that would be awesome!! We are a lot a like and have the same interests. We have been getting up at 6am to work out for a half hour before we go running at 630 and we have been making healthy shakes in the morning and at night we have tea time haha we have been using sleepy time tea but we just got back from this hippie store and we got some cool herbal teas and we are excited about that haha so we have a lot of fun and I love him! He said he is going to come hang out with you when he gets home. He can have my room! Plus sister floyd our bishops wife wants to adopt me after my mission...I told her you might have a problem with it mom but then I thought about it and i realized you would probably be glad to hand me off haha we had a good laugh about that. 
     So I know you will probably be putting together a Christmas box. I have some things that i want so I'll make a list and let you know. Anyways, I love all of you.  
     Welp That is all for now! I love you all! Talk to you soon! \
Elder nelson 

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