Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th, 2013

Well I don't have to much to report this week! It was a little bit slow because of transfers and having to drive down to Santa Rosa and then Halloween was this week as well and so was Zone Meeting. So we were busy! My new companion is Elder Scalese from Maryland! He is a visa waiter and was originally going to Brazil. But since he doesn't have his visa he is here in Santa Rosa until he gets it! He will probably get it pretty quick though. At least that is the word. Also He spent a semester at BYU-H before he came out here on his mission! Which was 7 weeks ago. haha. So he has been trying to sell me on it by telling me why I should go there. Pretty funny! He had quite the experience there.  So he is cool. It should be good.
     We had a couple of really sweet lessons this weekend. We taught Michelle who lives in Hoopa and she agreed to be baptized! We introduced her to the book of Mormon and read part of the first chapter with her. It was super spiritual. It was one of those lesson where the spirit takes over and you get in the car and drive away and say, what did we just teach them?  Pretty cool. We also had a good lesson with two other people we are teaching, Quinton and Kelsy at one of our members homes after dinner. We talked about the plan of salvation. Unfortunatly the members who were with us talked way to much about things that didn't matter and the lesson got derailed but we managed to save it and have a good ending. It is hard to teach more than one investigator at a time especially when they are at different stages and have different concerns and needs.
    We had four investigators at church on Sunday! It was great! one of them was a new investigator that we just picked up this week! His name is james.
In gospel Principles class on sunday we had a pretty funny experience. We were talking about agency and the ability to make choices so I asked everyone to shout out some examples of choices that they made this morning. One of our investigators, Quinton, said, " I chose to smoke pot!" It was a funny way to find out that we need to teach him the word of wisdom! Also it was funny because the look on my companions face was one of shock and disbelief! He didn't know what to say haha It was funny! I love training new missionaries!
another funny thing that happened was when I was out contacting people with two elders in our zone in mckinleyville. As we were walking they said that we should stop by this one house and see if one of their potential investigators was home. So we did and a girl about our age answered. She was pretty and not very modestly dressed but we asked her if Katie the person we were looking for was home and she said no. So we asked her wen she would be back and blah blah but then We asked her how she knew Katie and she said oh she is my partner!!! From that point on it got reeeeeally awkward!!! One of the elders I was with tried to start talking but didn't know what to say and only weird sounds came out of his mouth hahaha so I told her who we were and why we were there and invited her to learn more about the church and she said yes! So Those two elders are now en route to have the most AWKWARD law of chastity lesson ever!!! So that was funny as well.
Things are going great I love my mission! We are being blessed everday! thank you for your prayers! I love you!
Love elder Nelson

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