Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 18, 2013

Dearest family, 
      Today I want to share with you some of the miracles that I have been Part of this week. 
       First, I went on exchanges with Elder dale who is a new missionary serving in mckinleyville. While I was with him we found not one but two new families and picked up five new investigators! One was just a door that we decided to knock and the other was a potential investigator they had been trying to see forever but could never catch. 
       The first family was Native American and initiallythey were not going to talk to us. it was funny because we  introduced ourselves and talked briefly anout why we were there and we asked her a question about her beliefs. she said she wasnt interested because she was native american and believed in her whole culture thing with her tribe. so we brought up the Book of Mormon and testified to them that it was a book from god and that it was a record of their ancestors! She thought about that for a second and then said, "we'll actually come on in I want to learn more about that." So we came in and introduced her and her two daughters to the Book of Mormon and answered their questions about it! One of the daughters asked for her own copy so she could read it! It was totally awesome. It was cool how we found them though because we originally came to that street to find a potential but they weren't home. So elder dale asked me what I wanted to, do, either tract or go try to see someone else. He said that usually they would just get in the car and go to the next person in their list. So it was a great teaching opportunity for me. I told him that one of the most important things that I have found to do on my mission is to leave time in your plans to be guided by the spirit. Yes we plan activities for every hour but you have to be flexible and ready to submit to the will of the spirit. I asked him why we came to this area. And he said to see a potential. I said we'll he wasn't home so obviously we weren't supposed to come here to find that potential. Why are we really here? God put us here for a reason. When you planned by the spirit to be here at this time it wasn't for nothing. So he tight about that and said well I think we should go knock on this door. I said okay let's do it. And then we found a family! It was awesome! Talk about being guided! 
       Because of that experience It opened a door for elder dale and his missionary work. He then looked over his plans and said you know I have had this family on my mind and I think we should go see them but we don't have them planned in. I said we'll that my friend is the spirit lets go see them. And we found another family. 
        This second family just like the first was initially going to shut us out as well but then we asked if we could just have a few minutes and they let us in. It is just funny how busy people think they are so by asking some good questions and asking for just a few minutes they let us in even though they are sooo busy.  It usually works but as soon as they let us in its over ......bring on the spirit. 
      We taught them the restoration simply and clearly and powerfully and they told us we could stay longer because they had questions! Elder dale is an excellent teacher and it was a totally spirit guided lesson. Probably the second best lesson I have ever taught when it comes to unity and simplicity. And because of that the spirit was powerful. She accepted a baptismal invitation and wants us to come back! It was awesome. I hope I helped elder dale understand the importance of the spirit in our work. 
       The next thing is a past experience that is now paying off in a big way. Do you remember that picture I sent you of the Facebook conversation I had with that girl named sky? Well this week we taught sky and she is so ready for the gospel. Her biggest concern is that her parents won't be able to come inside the temple for her marriage....and she isn't even baptized. To remind you of who who she is she was the daughter of two people that elder rouse and I contacted on the street. They mentioned as we talked that they had a daughter that lived in Erda for a time and I told them I was from gville. Which gave us a very significant connection. It was significant because when we ended that contact, they were not interested.but I asked if I could add their daughter on Facebook. They were a little weirded out at first but took my name and told me they would let her make the decision. She messaged me the next day! 
      It took awhile but we have now taught her. The reason my being from grantsville was so significant is because when we taught sky she told us that her parents said that the only reason they were cool with her adding me was because I was from Grantsville and had that connection! Otherwise they would not have passed on the message. So God placed us in their path and because of Facebook I was able to find an elect daughter of god who is sooooo ready for the gospel. I just wish I could teach her haha she will be in YSA. But elder Cartwright is the man and will take good care of her. Besides its all the same team. It's all for god and Christ. 
      So yes those are some of the miracles. We set two new baptismal dates this week and picked up a few new investigators that look promising because they have solid member friends. One of them was brought to church by our bishops wife and we taught her afterwards and it was sweet. She is 22 though so she is YSA. Seriously man I have found so dang many golden college students. ySA is blowing up with awesome people to teach and my companion and I found all of them Haha . Just kidding only a few but still! Send me to YSA president! 
        I know that God is a God of miracles. From the small to the great. He blesses us with them as we are faithful and as we need them to grow or learn, he also with holds them so we can grow and learn. I have found on my mission that what Gordon b hinckley said is true. He said something along the lines of "work hard do your best and be obedient, then leave the harvest to The Lord." Something like that. 
      You better enjoy this letter its like forever long! Now next week I only have to write a teeny little bit haha. 
     Well that is all for me I think. Nelson out!!!! I love you! 
Elder Nelson. 

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