Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

I am really looking forward to not writing these emails every week. It
will be so much better to just talk to you and tell you about my life
in person!!
Our week was a little bit slow with transfers and zone meeting and
being sick. I'm still sick but it is getting better at this point
First of all, we went to a funeral on Saturday for some well known old
stake president here in Vacaville. It was a very very good service. (
we went in hopes of finding people to teach :))I really felt full of
love towards a man I didn't even know and I felt even more love for
each of you. I think on the top of my list in regards to what I do I
want to be close to my wonderful,family and be able to come home and
visit easily and with not a lot of expense. 
 I'm super excited to be here in Vacaville for another
transfer! I love this place. We are excited about our zone and the new
missionaries! They seem to all be really great missionaries. Most of
them are. Me and elder wride are just doing our best to finish strong
and endure to the end. We have both Covenanter with each other that we
will not be like some of the other missionaries that we have seen go
home that totally lose it and go nuts haha. I'm thankful that I have
had great teachers to learn from about missionary work and I
understand how important my time is here. It's so easy to get pulled
away from your purpose as a missionary. I am worried that coming home
it will be even harder. In fact I already know it will be. But luckily
on my mission I have developed a great testimony of the "small and
simple things." It's not the big things that make us who we are it is
the small things that we do every day that determine the strength of
our faith and testimony and conversion. Things like reading, praying,
and home teaching, are small and simple trials of faith that we face
each and ever day of our lives. It is a sacrifice of our time and
agency to do those things and as we consistently do them the blessings
flow and the windows of heaven are opened upon us. I know that to be
true. Pray for our investigators Craig baker and Veronica Gloria and
Vanessa Chavez , and Paula Ruiz that they will come to church this
next week!! Despite all our efforts we had zero investigators at
church this week. What a waste of a Sunday.(not really, but you know
what I mean) You only have so many Sundays on a mission to bring
investigators to church! So it was sad for us. We thought for sure
that Craig at least would be coming.. Luckily, there is always another
Sunday. I know that The Lord has definetly been patient and forgiving
with me as I have failed to live up to what I said I would do, I guess
we can be patient and loving with him :)
So I just realized I have a bunch of "lasts" coming up. My last
general conference on the mish, my last zone conference, my last
temple trip, my last call home, it's a weird feeling. It's also really
weird to be basically the oldest missionaries in the mission.
Minus a few. We have two elders in our zone one that goes home this
transfer and another the next and then it's our turn.
I must admit I am excited for the flight home. Anderson and wride
will both be on the plane with me and I have been companions with both
of them so it will be fun to make that flight and meet their families
at the airport haha. We always joke around that when we get there we
will say hi to all of you and then take off together and go hang out
haha. It will be fun.
Alright well I'm excited for today. We are about to shop at
Costco with a member! I'm going to buy a ton of chicken for the rest
of the transfer lol. And also some fish oil. And we get to ball with
Volksen and have dinner with him again tonight! It should be a great
pday!! I love each of you and hope you have a great week!! Love you!!
Elder Nelson.

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