Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Dear family,
We had a great week!!! Oh and good news! I'm staying in
Vacaville with elder wride for another transfer!! Woohoo! We are
really excited. At missionary leadership council when they pulled up
the transfer sheet and we saw we were staying together I swear like
800 pounds dropped off my shoulders!!! I'm so happy to be staying!! I
absolutely hate transfers. It is by far the worst part about the
mission. I hate packing and saying goodbye to all the people I love
and getting a new companion is hard and going to a new place is hard
and transfers are just stressful. So I'm very thankful I have avoided
transferring for another six weeks! I love this place and I love elder
wride so I'm very very happy and excited!!
Also something funny is that Elder wride and I are the only
companionship in our entire zone that is staying the same! Every other
companionship is getting changed around! Which is good. A lot of the
problems we have had will be fixed!
Elder Wride has had a rough week. He has been sick. Saturday
morning he was really down and we stayed in till after lunch so he
could get some good rest. He felt a lot better after that.
On Wednesday we had an awesome awesome night!! Actually leading up
to the night it had been a downer day. It was raining and no one was
out and we didn't have any appointments or anything all day so we were
doing what we could to find and be effective but it was a slow day.
We were worried as well because we had splits with the young men that
night and no appointments to take them too which is lame. But anyways,
we went on splits and I went with one young priest to see Veronica
Chavez and elder wride went to go see Craig baker. When we got to
Veronica's house she let us right in and asked if we would read with
her to help her understand the Book of Mormon and figure out what is
going on! Her daughter Vanessa sat in on the lesson with us and it was
great!! It is always such a great feeling to help someone relate to
the scriptures on a personal level!! As we read through chapter one it
was quite easy to help her see that she was not only reading Lehis
story, but also her story! She was reading about herself and her
family and it the spirit was just really strong as they made that
connection and understanding flooded in. I love the scriptures and I
love the Book of Mormon! I invited Vanessa the daughter to be baptized
if she received an answer and she accepted!
At the same time elder wride had a great lesson with Craig and he
said that he loved church and really wants to be baptized still.
Well I must say this week was a Blur. And I have finally been
hit with the sickness! Saturday I was feeling a little under but then
Sunday was rough and last night was horrible haha. I was so plugged up
I couldn't sleep and I kept waking up. My mouth and throat were super
dry from breathing through my mouth oh man yeah it was rough. So we
slept in a little this morning because we are both sick. It was funny
because all last night we were both just sneezing and coughing and
breathing loud from our mouths and sniffing our noses haha we are both
sickos haha. I have been hitting the airborn hard and vitamin c so
hopefully it goes away quick. Being sick is the worst!
Soooo yeah that's what's going on here. We are excited for this
new transfer. The numbers for our zone this week were
was pretty surprising. And we were especially disappointed because we
did pretty good and we had meetings on Friday all day and we were sick
Saturday and Sunday and we still managed to teach most of our people.
But everyone else taught like 2 lessons . What is that?? What do you
spend your time on the whole week if you only teach two lessons?? I
don't get it. I don't even see how that is possible. It is
So our zone is getting switched up and that will be good.
Well we got a later start on the day so I need to get going but
I love you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Also I got
your letters from the last week so you don't have to worry about
Have a great week!!! Love you.
Elder Nelson.

I don't eat out lol I pack lunch!

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