Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Soooo, I don't know very much about what I want to do after the
 mission. I feel like I get more confused as I go on. But I feel like
 as I get closer to going home somehow I'll figure it out or else God
 will let me know.
 Elders ride and I have been out hitting the streets all week it
 feels like. We need to find some new peeps. Another week with no
 investigators at church! You can only do so much for these people
 without getting annoying and pushing them too much. So we will
 continue to work with the people we have but we are making a concerted
 effort to find more people. It has been a very slow process with them
 and their problems. And we have been dealing with the head honchos of
 our mission on us all for more baptisms. The email this week kinda
 ticked us off. The believers are baptizing is what they (the
 Assistants) said. But I'm pretty confident that I believe and I am
 doing my best to help these real people with their real problems. I
 guess that's not good enough though? Sorry for venting that out haha.
 We had a great lesson with Veronica this week! We taught her
 about the sacrament and answered some questions she had about our
 doctrine as compared to Jehovah witness. It was good and she felt the
 spirit and she seemed to like the member that we brought with us, bro
 Each week I have out here is such a blessing. It's hard to
 convey to you all the many small experiences I have each day that mean
 so much. That change me and shape me and that allow me to learn and
 grow. I'm so thankful for my companion. He is quickly becoming my
 favorite. We have a lot of fun together. Life is usually pretty trying
 as a missionary in different ways and at different times but it's
 constantly trying. And when times get hard. It's pretty hard. But
 having a great companion and being unified and sticking together and
 having fun even when it's hard and frustrating is such a blessing. So
 I'm very thankful for that. Having a companion has helped to impress
 on me the importance of choosing the right eternal companion....def
 can't mess that one up haha.
 So I have to be honest I don't really have much to say right
 now....oh!! Thanks for the quest bars!! They are so good.. I wasn't
 expecting anything so it was a welcome surprise! Elder wride calls the
 bars "space food"
 Happy st Patricks day by the way! I am currently not wearing
 any green so I will need to change my tie when I get back to apt. I
 totally forgot this morning! Didn't even cross my mind. Last night we
 had corned was pretty good!! Kinda salty but I really enjoyed
 it! I'm still trying to figure out how you corn beef and what that
 means though haha hopefully it wasn't too unhealthy!
 I think I'm forgetting something that I was supposed to
 respond to in your emails...but I don't remember. And I don't have
 them...maybe I'll check that after lunch and then send my response if
 Well I feel like I'm just blabbing now. I can't wait to blab
 in person. It's much more fun that way. I always feel bad writing
 short letters to you mom especially after that time you said you love
 it when you scroll down and there is a whole nother page to read! Well
 that won't be the case this time haha so I'm sorry to disappoint you.
 I love you so much!! Thanks for everything! Talk to you next week!!
 Love elder Nelson

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