Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24th.2014

You are not going to believe this. I had this whole email written out
 to you but I accidentally deleted it. I'm so mad!!!! There is no way I
 cam re write everything that I just wrote. I don't have time my email
 time is almost over :( so I'm really sorry about that. Gosh I'm so
 mad. When I hit delete it like happened in slow motion but I couldn't
 stop my dumb finger in time so I literally yelled out , nooooooo!!!
 Elder wride was like what the heck? Haha so yeah I'm really ticked
 right now. I put some good thought into that one...
 Basically in a nutshell I said three things.
 1: we have been finding a ton. Contacting, tracting, ect. We have
 some solid potentials.
 2: I love my companion, this might be the best time of my mission. I
 am so happy.
 3: I love you so much!!! This transfer is half over...
 So obviously I wrote a lot more about those things in the other email
 but I can't re write I don't have time. So I'm sorry for the
 pathetically short and non informational email. But just know I am so
 happy and grateful for this time of my life. I'm so thankful for my
 amazing family and I'm so thankful for my companion. Life is good!
 Thanks for your letters and your encouragement and love! It is always
 one of the highlights to open up that box and see your letters! They
 have played a crucial role in my sanity ;)
 I love Heavenly Father and our savior. I know this church is true!
 Have a great week!
 Elder Nelson.

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